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December 13, 2017

The Queen of England isn't the only Uk superstar which arrived in Virginia with lots of fanfare the other day. With a totally created Hollywood trailer called The Rodfather and a flurry of bagpipes heralding his entrance, Rod Stewart took the John Paul Jones Arena stage Friday evening.

Through a last-minute give-away of thousands of tickets to UVA employees, Stewart surely could do to a nearly complete arena. And like Justin Timberlake in March, Stewart performed "in-the-round."

Stewart rattled off 26 of his classics, including a rousing sing-along "Maggie might." The mainly middle-aged audience felt happy aided by the 62-year-old Stewart, whoever voice and stone star swagger are since vibrant while they had been when albums like Every Picture Tells A Story and not A Dull second were topping the maps.

The overall performance marked Stewart's very first visit to UVA since December 15, 1971, when he strutted their things at Memorial Gym (alongside future Rolling rock guitar player Ron Wood) as a member of Faces.

Stewart receives the evening began.

Stewart atop his "theater-in-the-round"

Before the Blonde One arrived, concertgoers watched The Rodfather.

Commensurate with Stewart's Scottish origins, his musical organization ended up being decked in old-fashioned tartan patterns. On appreciation of those in the front row, they left the kilts regarding the tour coach.

Bagpipe Jazz
Bagpipe Jazz
Smooth jazz meets bagpipes
Smooth jazz meets bagpipes
Jazz bagpipe playing Cherokee
Jazz bagpipe playing Cherokee
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