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October 29, 2016
Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland
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An Ageless Battle.

Only at guys In Kilts we couldn’t be much more happy to don our Wallace Hunting Tartan Kilts while offering expert outside cleaning in terms of your windows, gutters etc, but provided guys have used kilts, there have been classic struggles that inevitably came along. We believed we’d highlight a few right here:

Call it a dress again…

I understand that I am not the only person who may have to inhale and count to ten each and every time somebody requires “What makes you wearing a top?” I'm surprised there are nevertheless consumers that don’t understand what a kilt is. After that you can find the folks who state “Nice skirt!” with this subtle smirk. You know who you are…And if you’ve heard the laugh, “Do you understand why they call-it a kilt?” the answer…”Cause I kilt the last guy which labeled as it a skirt.” Enough stated.

Eyes spacious!

Have you ever used a kilt and walked around on it, you-know-what it feels like becoming there focal point. People can’t help but look because let’s face it; throughout North America it's don't assume all time the thing is that some body in a kilt. And in case you’ve ever before wore one in pubic, you know that each and every time someone talks about you and you look right back they snap their particular mind away and imagine to-be searching somewhere else. But we realize you’re looking therefore’s okay…look all you have to!

Those Blustery Days!

Weather and Mother Nature can cause tremendous battles for anyone wearing a kilt; and a top or a dress even! The wind is our buddy on a hot time with regards to provides an awesome light snap, but on a cold, blustery time, it could be our worst opponent. For the Kilted technicians, it becomes a battle eighteen their work done when they're obligated to remain using their hands down at their particular sides.

The inevitable question…

“So…what’s in kilt?” Age old concern our company is asked on an on-going basis. Our reaction: it’s organization plan you need to wear anything underneath. Our “No Peeking” rule relates here and it is undoubtedly rule first. We don’t worry about being a “true Scotsman” since there tend to be better what to concern yourself with, like making your windows packed with shine along with your gutters bare of leaves!

Generally there you have it.

The actual battles of donning a kilt. Regarding us at Men In Kilts we don’t see putting on kilts as challenging, in reality we see it as emblematic of freedom and strength while putting a face toward otherwise faceless window and external cleaner.

These classic struggles are made to look simple only at Men In Kilts. Including, when anyone ask the reason we are wearing dresses? We make the chance to teach them about kilts. The staring? Not an issue for people at all, we know the superpower of kilt is the attention we get therefore we love it, it is a huge reason we wear kilts originally! We hardly ever be worried about the wind, whenever windy seasons or weather condition come upon united states we have been frequently using leggings when this occurs which negate any second ideas or worries. We simply stress like everyone else if the wind comes, about our hair. And about those inevitable questions on “what is beneath the kilt?” you understand our slogan! No Peeking!

Having a positive accept some thing others might see as challenging is what we are all about. That’s the reason we offer our expert cleansing services for the windows, gutters, siding and force washing – to use the struggle and hassle of doing it away from both you and allowing us to get it done rather.

Therefore after reading all this, you may be thinking, “So the reason why don’t you merely use short pants?” It’s a question who has numerous responses…I like to respond to by saying, “I put on a kilt to show my Scottish history, is cooler on a hot time and to stick out from throngs of people already wearing short pants.”

Another response would be, “Would you hire a business called guys in short pants?” You also wouldn’t be reading our blog either whenever we were ‘just another window-cleaning company’.

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THE OFFICIAL Hot Scots drum line - 2011 - Nigel - Talent ...
Guy in kilt & his hot girl friend @the Korn show
Guy in kilt & his hot girl friend @the Korn show
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