David Naill bagpipes

March 2, 2016
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We pride ourselves within metalwork, taking great care to make certain every David Naill bagpipe is a real work of art. Each engraved ready is individually done by our freelance engraving performers. All engraving is crafted manually. We don't automate or device this method because nothing can match the art and ability of your hand engravers. We just use .925 Sterling silver for its toughness, strength, and bright normal sheen. All mounts are fashioned in-house so to guarantee the really best high quality craftsmanship. Silver pieces (ferrules, hats, slides, and tapers) were created on-site in our workshop. Afterwards the pieces are delivered to the assay-office in London, in which the gold is appraised, tested, and struck with the quality level (hallmarked). The effect is a musical instrument both aesthetically spectacular and distinguished.

David Naill offers the after hand engraved designs for sale in particular designs.

New Runic


Our Thistle design pays tribute into nationwide emblem of Scotland. The rose ended up being used whilst the Emblem of Scotland during the rein of Alexander III (1249 -1286). Legend has it, the military of King Haakon of Norway, intention on conquering the Scots, arrived on Coast of Largs during the night. Looking to surprise the sleeping Scottish Clansmen, the Norsemen eliminated their footwear so that you can move much more stealthily. Fortunately certainly one of troops stepped on a spiny little rose (the thistle) and yelled out in discomfort, alerting the Clansmen regarding the coming danger. Naturally, the Scots won the day.

New Runic

A brief history of rune signs look as far back as 1300 BC. Ancient Vikings thought that the Runes were the gift of Ódhinn. Your message rune itself comes from the old Norse term Runa meaning a secret or secret. Hundreds of years later runes were utilized by the peoples of ancient Britain, and have now visited express numerous things (gods, individuals, creatures, ideas and occurrences).

Brand New Dragon

Dragons tend to be the most popular mythological animals. They descend from various legends, informing stories of fire-breathing, winged animals. Dragons carry definitions of nerve, power, energy, knowledge, and are also known as protectors of sacred products. This design is carved with wonderful swirling spirals transcendent of Celtic knotwork, depicting two dragon heads dealing with one another.

Reposse Style

Our Reposse design is hand engraved to check like Reposse. This type of style of metalwork takes great skill and experience to craft, therefore we assign the task to the many seasoned engraving musicians. The Reposse design strategy happens to be popular throughout antiquity, from ancient Ireland to modern. This design features an interlace design just like a Dara Celtic knot. Dara (or doire) could be the Irish word for oak tree, and presents meanings of power, destiny, wisdom, energy, endurance, and leadership.


Victorian design is an ornamental art many noted for the orderliness and ornamentation. The style began during the Victorian era (the time of British Queen Victoria's reign 1837-1901). The era is renowned for its eclectic revival and explanation of historic styles additionally the introduction of cross-cultural impacts through the center east and Asia. This design provides any pair of bagpipes a classical and advanced appeal.

PERSONALIZED ENGRAVING. Enjoy someone you care about, or hallmark a particular event with custom engraving. Using fine and exact chisels, we could bring your ideas to life, generating deep everlasting impressions and an excellent far more advanced than any machine-work. Find out more

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My NEW David Naill bagpipes
My NEW David Naill bagpipes
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