Buchanan Tartan Kilt

May 18, 2016
Clan Buchanan Gallery

There are 20 Buchanan tartans licensed into the Scottish enroll of Tartans, Scotland's formal tartan sign-up, including two manner and personal tartans.

The initial clan tartan described from the Buchanan Society web site includes colours assessed in 1/8th inches utilizing natural dyes.

It's like the Hastie Macgregor (Buchanan #2, STWR 172) tartan registered on Scottish Register of Tartans, however with a big change that it is lacking an azure line following the very first green range.

  • 1/2 Azure - Elder with Broom and Alum
  • 8 Green - Iris leaf or Whin bark
  • 1/2 Black - Alder bark or common Sloe
  • 2 yellowish - Crab Apple or Elm Tree
  • 1 Azure - Elder with Broom and Alum
  • 8 Red - Rock Lichen or Blaeberry
  • 1 White - normal wool.
Buchanan Hunting

There 4 most well known Clan Buchanan tartans tend to be:

Ancient Hunting

Contemporary Weathered

Other tartans feature:

Buchanan Dress Buchanan Antique (style)
(used by Highland Dancers) (recently popular, maybe not in register)

There is great information about a brief history for the tartan at .

Using the Tartan

J. Charles Thompson, author of 'so that youare going to use the Kilt!' states that there surely is no such thing given that to a tartan.

You will find very few tartans with restrictions placed on all of them (including the Royal family members' Balmoral tartan). So wear any tartan you prefer. By using a tartan you are honoring what that tartan presents, be it a clan, family members, or area. Many people elect to use a tartan that colleagues making use of their family members, many choose to use the tartan of an excellent buddy, a mentor, or to commemorate a historical event (like the Culloden tartan, or the Jacobite...

Buchanan Ancient Buchanan Modern Buchanan Weathered Buchanan Dress Blue (Highland Dancers)
Source: clanbuchanan.spruz.com
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