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May 3, 2012
Scotland the Brave
Bagpipes happen prohibited from rugby world glassGetty pictures Bagpipes have already been banned from rugby globe glass

Furious Scotland rugby followers tonight hit completely at a World Cup bagpipes ban.

Supporters of Vern Cotter’s team may be stopped from using their particular nationwide tool into grounds where part is playing.

Scotland's John Hardie.

Organisers hope locals will flock to your games and enjoy the carnival atmosphere.

But followers will deprived of serenading fellow followers making use of their bagpipes in arenas.

It says: “This House condemns the banning of bagpipes through the future Rugby World Cup; telephone calls on World Rugby Union to allow bagpipes to-be played during the World Cup; recognises that bagpipes are not dangerous; stresses the necessity of social identity related to bagpipes for Scots, in britain and worldwide; and acknowledges that bagpipes in many cases are played in formal ceremonies”.

One rugby formal north of edge said they were “disappointed and surprised” within ban.

Sources worry the instruments being labelled with similar stigma as vuvuzelas - the tuneless plastic horns which annoyed followers and TV viewers during the 2010 Football World Cup in South Africa.


Stigma: Vuvuzelas had been the bane for the 2010 World Cup

One Scotland rugby lover said on Twitter: “Bagpipes prohibited at rugby World Cup?? Outrageous! Will likely the English stoop so reduced in different ways? Let’s ban swing reasonable nice chariot aswell.”

Another uploaded: “How the hell is it possible to ban bagpipes in the Rugby World Cup?”

Others asked in which bagpipes brought to suits by unwitting followers is kept whilst the match had been on.

A Rugby World Cup spokesman said: “Rugby World Cup recognises the significant part that bagpipes play in Scottish and world rugby history and, while specific instruments will never be permitted into venues to rightly give proper consideration to fan experience, bagpipes will play a prominent part whatsoever Scotland suits, that is great for Scotland fans and great for the tournament.”

Scotland the Brave Bagpipes HD
Scotland the Brave Bagpipes HD
Bagpipes, Scotland by
Bagpipes, Scotland by
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How to play the Bagpipe: Wilbur Sargunaraj in Scotland
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