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January 25, 2016
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Numerous a Campbell and member of a Campbell sept features needed the solution to that question upon very first becoming enthusiastic about their Scottish heritage. Sadly, many have looked on incorrect sources for the answer-namely, to merchants offering tartan items. There is only 1 authority regarding the proper tartan or tartans of a clan: the main of this clan. Not the Scottish Tartans community or even the Lord Lyon King of Arms claim such authority-they are strictly archivists of tartan record, that is, at the best, a confused and complicated industry.

Here is how our late main, The 12th Duke of Argyll, and re-affirmed by our existing Chief, The 13th Duke of Argyll, MacCailein Mor, summed up the official place on Campbell tartans consistently declared for almost two centuries by successive Chiefs of Clan Campbell:

"...the just tartans which I know tend to be, firstly, usually the one you notice myself and my wife using, which goes under different brands, such as for example ordinary Campbell, Ancient Campbell, etc., and all people in our clan who are not particularly identified with [the Houses of Breadalbane, Cawdor [or] Loudoun are entitled to put it on.

Let me be rid, for good, for the thought that there's a 'Campbell of Argyll' [tartan]. Even though it is correct that the Sixth Duke [of Argyll - b.1768 - s.1806 - d.1839] introduced a white line to his ordinary Campbell tartan to distinguish himself from the remaining portion of the Campbells, (he being the main and entitled to do so), he had been the only family member therefore to-do additionally the remaining household believed he had been instead pompous to do it.

Breadalbane tartanCampbell of Breadalbane-fine [to wear].

Campbell of Cawdor-fine.

Campbell of Loudoun-fine.

Campbell of Glenlyon-I haven't been aware of it.

Campbell of Loch Awe-this is ordinary absurd, as we are Campbells of Loch Awe initially. - Apart from anything else, We have never ever heard of a Campbell of Loch Awe tartan, nor do i would like to achieve this.

THERE IS NO DRESS CAMPBELL [TARTAN]-repeat! repeat! repeat!




There are not any Campbell cheques, apart from commercial people...

Basically feel highly about such a thing and wants it inscribed to my tombstone, there is a few outlines particularly 'All Campbells apart from the 3 major septs [the Houses of Breadalbane, Cawdor and Loudoun] should use plain undifferentiated Campbell for evermore and never get confused by peddlers for this [other] product that comes under all sorts of guises.

Loudoun tartanYours previously,
Your Kinsman and Chief,

[From a letter towards the belated William A. Mitchell, Clan Campbell community, U.S.A. genealogist.]

To conclude, then, you will find simply four genuine Campbell tartans: Ancient or "plain" Campbell, Campbell of Breadalbane, Campbell of Cawdor, and Campbell of Loudoun. Become faithful to Scottish tradition, just those descended from the homes of Breadalbane, Cawdor and Loudoun should wear the tartans owned by those houses; other Campbells and members of other Campbell septs should put on Ancient or "plain" Campbell tartan, that will be composed of threads of just three colors: blue, green and black-with no overstripes of any various other shade.

Ancient Campbell is equivalent to Black Watch tartan-hardly surprising, since that illustrious regiment is a Campbell regiment, raised by the Duke of Argyll in 1739. (Without a doubt, as Alastair Campbell of Airds, leader of Clan Campbell, has actually suggested in the respected book Campbell Tartan, the Ebony Check out tartan may well have-been adopted since the clan's tartan because many people in the clan had been currently wearing it, because of their service when you look at the regiment.)

The Black Watch tartan is these days typically made in darker shades of green and blue, while Ancient Campbell is made in less heavy, brighter tones. Some Campbells wear the lighter Ancient Campbell for time wear and darker Ebony watch out for night and formal wear-the essential point because they are exactly the same tartan. Keep in mind, this is the "sett", or bond matter of a tartan that differentiates it from other tartans, not the comparative lightness or darkness of their colors, that start could differ considerably because of the unpredictable nature of veggie dyes. Therefore, caveat emptor: before you purchase anything purporting is Ancient Campbell or Black Check out tartan, be sure this has the right sett, with first one couple of black "railroad paths" regarding the blue, after which two pair, the other set, an such like.

For additional authoritative informative data on Campbell tartans, including color pictures for the four genuine tartans, consult Campbell Tartan, by Alastair Campbell of Airds, offered by a number of specialty booksellers handling books on Scottish topics, such Unicorn Limited, Inc., ( P.O. Container 125, Loachapoka, AL 36865.

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