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November 15, 2013
No peeking: Men wearing kilts

A self-portrait

Therefore the big Thanksgiving airport opt-out opted-in in the end. Widespread "regimental" kilt-wearing never materialized. Transport Security Administration (TSA) employees had been, in general, spared a plague of True Scotsmen.

Nonetheless they just weren't entirely spared—and one "big-boned" patriot made a decision to strike his blow for freedom by providing a low-paid TSA screener the shock of their young life.

On November 18, a "fat middle aged" blogger who passes SubliminalPanda joined the TSA checkpoint on Raleigh-Durham airport in new york. He was wearing a kilt. It wasn't just a lark; SubliminalPanda had taken up to the comfort of kilt months ago, as well as the apparel had since become their daily clothing of preference. When you discover some garments that comfortable, can you muck up your whole experience by yanking on some underwear? No that you don't.

SubliminalPanda opted from the Advanced Imaging tech (AIT) body scan (read our primer regarding the tech behind these machines) and find the pat-down as an alternative. The TSA told Ars final thirty days that its procedures for coping with the kilted-and-sporraned traveler had been a matter of national safety and could never be divulged. This felt at the least a tiny little bit odd; having somebody feel the process after which report on it would offer most of these details. That is where SubliminalPanda will come in.

Officer Gill came across me personally on patdown area—a glass-enclosed location to the left of the AIT. There have been the most common seats and pad with all the paired footprints in the exact middle of all of them. We dutifully thought the position while he introduced himself. I wondered basically had been getting a corsage? Candy? Possibly slightly dirty talk first? Gill ended up being a kid—he couldn’t are over twenty-three yrs . old. He sheepishly and nervously admitted he had been not used to the TSA hence I was his very first patdown. Bad bastard, dropping their virginity to a middle old fat guy in a kilt.

The enhanced patdown is very much like a consensual rape. The screener asks before touching each body spend the the back of their hand. “I’m going to place my hand betwixt your beltline and belly, is that okay?” demonstrably, the only correct response right here ended up being yes. I really could said no, but that meant that I’d be hitch walking to Chicago…if I becamen’t arrested and charged with an excellent. So Officer Gill starts with my backside, after that chest and belly. From then on, we stretched my hands out, and now we finished the upper human anatomy. Then took a courageous air and steeled their reserve, asking us to step forward with my left-foot. This was it…

Gen X’ers, recall the old advertisements for Milton Bradley’s process online game? In game, people just take turns using steel tongs to eliminate synthetic pieces from an electrified board with all the model of a guy on it. In the event that tongs touch steel surrounding the piece’s cutout, the board tends to make a loud humming noise as well as the patient’s nostrils glows with a red light. “Don’t touch the edges!” alerts one of the kids in the commercial. That’s the enhanced patdown, essentially.

With blue exudate gloves on, the backside of Gill’s hand caressed my legs and calf. The hand moved up my leg and vanished along my inner thigh, in kilt...


Had we a lamp for a nostrils, it could have glowed.

The whole post is really worth a read, though i must confess experiencing genuine empathy for Officer Gill. Just what an approach to earn a living (and something suspects it was not the strangest experience Officer Gill has already established when you look at the days since).

While the TSA's recently "enhanced" pat-downs have actually produced requires commando-style kilt-wearing (and much, much worse), the problem features of course already been a live one for many years. Pat-downs was less unpleasant in past times, however they remained carried out in some instances, together with screeners could be baffled by the picture of a guy in a "skirt." As an example, one traveller recounted a 2009 airport experience concerning kilts regarding the flyertalk online forums in this way:

I'm in line at Terminal E's main TSA checkpoint at IAH [Houston's main airport] and there's two gentlemen about 10-12 spots in front of me lined up wearing kilts. No one is having to pay them a lot additional interest (and I also have seen men in kilts before at IAH as well as other US airports) therefore we all continue toward the belts/bins… one of many "kilted" guys was selected for a random (as he did not alarm) secondary it appears; that they had “placed” him within their magic plexiglass cube of indignity to do the pat down. Listed here is in which it gets funny. We wait because of the gear and slowly put my footwear on therefore I can hear and watch a number of the fun.

Source: arstechnica.com
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