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April 26, 2014
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View of audience gathering in the Celtic Fling and Highland GamesThe Celtic Fling and Highland Games on Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire is among the significant Celtic celebrations inside mid-Atlantic area associated with the eastern United Sates and Transceltic had been the guests for the 2013 occasion organisers the weekend of June 21st. The power associated with the festival is the songs, the Celtic bands that traffic within the language associated with culture. The line-up included Seven Nations, Kilmaine Saints, go into the Haggis, Scythian, Town Pants, Amarch, Ramblin Rose, Neidfyre, months, Barby Holder and an appearance by the hugely successful Gaelic Storm.

Albannach & Brother – Bronach

Sharing the stage at one of the celebrations twelve phases, in banner “Outlawed Tunes on Outlawed Pipes”, were the incomparable Scottish band “Albannach” additionally the Australian Celtic band “Brother”. Both of these bands tend to be closely associated having just come off the April 2013 “Bronach Tour” of Scotland with another in the offing for 2014.

Bronach logoBrother have exclusively placed their particular Celtic Stamp on native Australian songs. The Festival brochure aptly defines Brother the following: “Fusing signature vocals additionally the deep pulse regarding the didgeridoo, the soaring highs of this bagpipes and tribal percussion”. The lead singer Angus Richardson is a steady hand that guides this lively performance. The bands Piper causes it to be appear probably the most normal part of the world to have the Pipes soaring in to the canopy of trees whilst becoming dogged by the didgeridoo, a wind tool developed by native Australians about 1500 years ago.

“Tribal percussion” meets Albannach, described in Transceltic's recent function Albannach: Scottish-Celtic heritage Warriors. The power associated with the drums juxtaposed from the expert piping of band user Donnie Mac Neil was transfixing. Not to ever put also good a point on it, I became stunned plus the 30 moment set appeared to pass immediately. The drums take over nevertheless focus is on Piper like the drums are the old Pictish warriors therefore the Pipes the decision to war. It as if drum beat is the force of this resistance which stored Scotland from Roman profession and preserved Celtic tradition north of Hadrian’s Wall. Albannach’s overall performance failed to disappoint and both Brother and Albannach evoke exactly the same visceral response through the audience.

The Fling

Albannach at Celtic FlingThe impression walking the lanes that slope through the glens on the basis of the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire, managed by Mount Hope Estate and Winery, usually of strolling through a booming Tudor village on market time in a boisterous Celtic land. The sprawling 35 acre (14 Hectares) website is the permanent home of this on-going Renaissance Faire which on a standard day boasts around 90 typically themed shows through the dark ages and buccaneers, on 12 stages. The Faire is suspended at certain times of the year and given to special occasions for instance the Celtic Fling.

The Celtic Fling & Highland Festival boasts an impressive line-up of activity with 18 bands showing up on 12 phases. Adding to the depth of the gathering had been an Irish Dance and Irish language competition sanctioned because of the us Feis Commission, a Scottish Highland Games sanctioned because of the Mid-Atlantic Scottish Athletics Association and a Rugby exhibition because of the Harrisburg Rugby Club. On a lighter note the festival provides the “Men’s Best thighs in a Kilt Contest” and a “Haggis Eating Contest”.

Your brain wanders when attending a Festival as grand once the Celtic Fling. What's going on right here? Just what draws 20, 000 individuals this event? Definitely the musicianship of rings like Albannach, Brother and Rathkeltair are part of the draw, but there is something different. This event isn't unique into Celtic Fling and is progressively typical throughout the US and Canada. Possibly a search for an identity among the forefathers of Celtic immigrants in a rapidly changing united states cultural landscape, a Celtic identity steeped in the richness of 3000 many years of Celtic record and culture. Celtic celebrations tend to be a tangible connect to that identity.

Caber Toss


A familiar existence in the Festival circuit is Rathkeltair. Named following the historical site in County Down in Ireland close to the birthplace of musical organization member Nick Watson, Rathkeltair brings a great deal of knowledge and music-making capability to their particular newest record, entitled “8”. Watson, the band’s drummer, formerly played with the ward winning “Field Marshall Montgomery Pipe Band”, and band member Trevor Tanner may be the previous forward guy for 80’s MTV era musical organization “The Bolshoi”. Neil Anderson regarding Pipes is a founding person in the Seven Nations (Clan Na Gael) which is still a familiar existence regarding the Celtic Festival musical circuit. Anderson has actually enjoyed a number of Celtic Rock groups including Scythian plus the Grammy award winning musical organization “The Chieftans”.

Transceltic interviewed the band’s Manger, Robert Adolph, at Celtic Fling:

1. Do Rathkeltair Consider themselves Ambassadors of Celtic Customs?

Yes, we're fortunate because we have band people just who highly identify with Celtic culture. Nick Watson, from County Down in Ireland (vocals, drums, percussion) has played with the leading Field Marshall Montgomery Pipe Band. Neil Anderson, the groups piper, is an established musician regarding the Highland and Uillean pipelines and contains previously used Scythian, Seven Nations additionally the Grammy award winning musical organization “The Chieftains”. Neil had been a founding member of Seven Nations which was after that referred to as one of many creators of Celtic Rock. Neil would arranged outside the celebrations and play during the gates before it had been accepted to include this audio (Celtic Rock) within the festival reasons. Really, ultimately they had to allow him in and here we have been now.

Albannach Music Scottish Tribal Drumming Band
Albannach Music Scottish Tribal Drumming Band
Scottish Tribal Music on Sauchiehall Street ~ Glasgow
Scottish Tribal Music on Sauchiehall Street ~ Glasgow ...
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