Scottish instrument

September 25, 2016
Scottish Instrument

Image of a couple playing fiddlesThe fiddle, or violin, has long been a really popular tool in Scotland, and is usually discovered at school. Folks have played the fiddle in Scotland for more than 500 years plus the instrument has actually a colourful history. This has frequently already been linked in folklore with all the devil.

The tool has four strings tuned G, D, A and E, starting from the best note up (G below middle C), and it is used a bow. The acoustic fiddle itself is manufactured from timber, although some people just who play in modern rings can also make use of an electric fiddle which is made of synthetic material. The bow normally typically made of timber, though some modern-day bows are constructed of products particularly carbon fiber, and they are all haired with horsehair. The strings are constructed with metallic, although they would as soon as have been made of pet gut. The main melodic variety of the fiddle is very near compared to the feminine human being vocals, which is perfect for playing beautiful, slow melodies. But the fiddle might be best-known for playing fiery, energetic dance tunes. It can be played solo, or within a-dance band, fiddle group also combinations.

Blazin' Fiddles tend to be one of the best-known fiddle rings. They certainly were known as after the 19th-century burning of fiddles by the Church in certain areas of Scotland. They certainly were initially six fiddlers from various areas of the Highlands and Islands which brought together their particular different playing styles to produce a thrilling sound.

Skip Johnstone (Blazin' Fiddles)

'Miss Johnstone' done by Blazin' Fiddles

From Splendid Seven, Blazin Registers, BRCD004, Track 2


There are lots of broad local varieties of Scottish fiddling - Shetland, north-east, Highland and Borders. Scottish-style fiddle playing is also well-known in Nova Scotia, Canada, where it was maintained and created its own faculties as part of the emigrant Scottish - and particularly Gaelic - communities indeed there.

Alasdair Fraser has actually, recently, helped re-establish the area for the 'big fiddle' or cello in Scottish songs, a musical instrument that has been popular in 18th century and it has today become popular again both as a bass accompaniment and as a powerful rhythmic tool, making use of modern playing strategies. Alasdair plays with all the American cellist Natalie Haas.

Calliope House (Alasdair Frase and Natalie Haas)

'Calliope House/MacArthur Road/Frank's Reel' done by Alasdair Fraser and Natalie Haas

Alasdair Fraser plays Gow’s 'significant Graham of Inchbrakie'.

Major Graham of Inchbrakie (Alasdair Fraser)

'Major Graham of Inchbrakie' performed by Alasdair Fraser

You can hear many fiddle tunes on this web site, including 'The Deil one of the Tailors', 'Farewell to Whisky' and 'The Laird of Drumblair'. Other well-known contemporary Scottish fiddle players include Aly Bain, Hector McAndrew, Catriona MacDonald, Alasdair Fraser and Chris Stout.

Famous fiddlers

There has been numerous popular fiddlers over the years in Scotland. Neil Gow (1727-1807) lived-in Perthshire, in which he threw in the towel their trade as a weaver to become a specialist musician. He played for dances together with his bro Donald, whom played the cello, and the Duke of Atholl became his patron. Neil Gow composed numerous famous pieces including 'The Marquis of Huntly’s Snuff Mill' and 'Farewell to Whisky'. His son, Nathaniel, additionally became an excellent fiddler and composer.

William Marshall (1748-1833) came from the village of Fochabers in Morayshire. The poet Robert Burns described him whilst the 'first writer of strathspeys of this age'. Marshall ended up being writing songs that has been harder to try out, and also this forced fiddlers to master brand-new technical abilities. Like many other composers, Marshall frequently had written tunes for folks he knew and for their clients. Two tunes for this type tend to be 'The Marquis of Huntly’s Farewell' and 'Miss Wharton Duff'.

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