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February 9, 2013
Ceilidh Band in Edinburgh

Dancing on Clarty Cloot Ceilidh BandThe simplest way to find out everything we sound like would be to come to one of our gigs and experience the full Scottish Borders ceilidh party atmosphere, however, if you pay attention to some of the Clarty Cloot Ceilidh Band songs monitors below you could get a flavour regarding the variety of songs we make.

We use three Scottish marches when it comes to Gay Gordons. This is certainly a well known couple party to begin a ceilidh – people understand this one assuming you watch others performers, it is very an easy task to pick up. The Canadian Barn Dance is yet another well-known couple dance – it is extremely vibrant and in case you will find enough individuals, is danced “progressively” which provides the performers a chance to meet other individuals in the dance-floor. The distinctive jump and step personality associated with dance is mirrored completely in this group of tunes from Cape Breton and the Scottish Borders. Canadian Barn Dance
Strip The Willow is a normal Scottish four few set dance – vibrant Irish jigs being best accompaniment. That is a fantastic dance if you're keen on getting a bit of exercise working off that extra working for you had early in the day. Remove the Willow
The very last dance in a ceilidh is an important one because brings every person together and creates an absolute summary to an event. The Circassian Circle could be the ideal party with this because it requires every person collectively in a circle and, because it's also progressive, encourages the performers to alter lovers all over area. The reels for this party feature tunes from Shetland, Ireland and Cape Breton. Circassian Circle
Scottish ceilidh band Ceilidhdonia | .musicforscotland
Scottish ceilidh band Ceilidhdonia | www.musicforscotland ...
Scottish Reels Music Ceilidh Scone Perth Perthshire Scotland
Scottish Reels Music Ceilidh Scone Perth Perthshire Scotland
Scottish Collection ceilidh music
Scottish Collection ceilidh music
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