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August 4, 2017
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Just what values do you hold?

We thought it will be great doing a blog series centering on values. Only at guys In Kilts we've 5 core values that guide us through every little thing we do. From supplying solution, to hiring workers, we always refer to these values and genuinely believe that they're not just vital that you Men In Kilts, however they are important for what you do in life. These values are ingrained into united states and our brand name, these are typically something which is discovered through experience, success and failure in life.

So you’re most likely wondering just how these values apply to you? Well we certainly think that these values make you a significantly better person, employee, individual or kilt putting on specific.

Do you walk-in towards company, residence, friend’s household, party or wherever while see you truth be told there for which you go “Oh nice, they’re here?” We-all want to be see your face, the sort of person that sometimes appears as interesting, respected and fun. Really that is why “People” is one of our core values. At guys In Kilts we pride ourselves on surrounding ourselves with individuals who will be Leaders that are Awesome, Dedicated & Fun! Can it be any question consumers are impressed with all the guys In Kilts?

kilts_cal0514-lhb7So what-is-it that makes men and women have “it” the all-desired attributes which make all of them the type of people who can draw interest and excel in just about any circumstance? Leadership is certainly one attribute that instantly transforms heads and gets people’s interest. There are many who have management come naturally in their mind many that have to exert effort at it, but it is certainly an art anybody can get when one spends time taking care of it.

An inside example of management here at guys In Kilts is our CEO Chris Carrier, just who after spending 20 years building his or her own window cleaning organization, joined us here at Men In Kilts. Chris is referred to as “the visionary”. He has a master plan and that can gather soldiers and lead them into fight. To be able to visualize what you need is really important to completing your aims, be it big or little, if you can’t view it then it'll be difficult to do it.

Do you know somebody that remains belated and will come in early? Helps make the extra work to offer a hand or make contact with you on anything? What about coming into focus on their day down since it’s too hectic or some one called in sick? This really is called commitment which is what makes many professional athletes, experts or Scotsman so effective. Our Men In Kilts on the front side lines do what it takes to have every job done. Sometimes this implies going the excess mile for an individual regardless of the circumstances, for example this client.

Darth Vader In A Kilt On A Unicycle Playing Bagpipes
Darth Vader In A Kilt On A Unicycle Playing Bagpipes
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