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November 20, 2015
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Origin: Warner Bros.Phoebe Buffay charmed viewers on every episode of Friends along with her quirky design, her eccentric yet totally genuine character, her signature performing, and her downright all-around lovable-ness. Played by the brilliant Lisa Kudrow, generally, Phoebe had the capacity to use the limelight from the other five stars along with her flawless comedic timing and hilariously on-point delivery. Listed here are 11 times Phoebe stole the program on Friends.

11. “EeeeeEEEEEeeeeee!” Phoebe Sings Alongside Ross’s Bagpipes

Whenever Ross chooses he’s gonna pay tribute to their small sister and best friend when Monica and Chandler tie the knot, the set is not as much as enthused about the concept if they see he desires to play the bagpipes (which, actually, he can’t play at all which in fact feels like music). They may not let Ross do in the wedding, but he nevertheless gets to present his bagpipe abilities (or shortage thereof) to his friends and Phoebe is more than very happy to sing along. “Celebrate Good Times” can become a screech-fest that's totally awful auditory-wise and absolutely adorably Phoebe-ish. As can be anticipated, there were often times the stars on their own couldn’t keep right faces, which is the situation with Jennifer Aniston just who couldn’t stop laughing and her effect ended up being held in.

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10. Ms. Pac-Man Swear-Fest

Whenever Monica and Chandler score a sweet retro Ms. Pac-Man arcade online game for apartment, it triggers excitement one of the buddies which can’t wait to begin playing. Chandler is equally as mature as constantly as he fills the top rating spots with initials that explain slutty things. Ross is significantly less than happy since little Ben is expected quickly so Aunt Phoebe takes over to win her way to replacing each dirty product along with her very own initials. Just whenever she’s about to win the very last place, she manages to lose and allows loose a wild rant of swear words and curses perhaps not designed for young ears. Naturally this is actually the moment that Ross walks in with Ben plus the laughs are practically a lot to just take.

Friends - Ross playing the bagpipes
Friends - Ross playing the bagpipes
Friends - Ross plays the bagpipes (and cut scene)
Friends - Ross plays the bagpipes (and cut scene)
FRIENDS - Ross playing bagpipe
FRIENDS - Ross playing bagpipe
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