Cushing bagpipes

January 13, 2016

The traditional Practice Chanter

"O" ring combined detail

There's a spare “O” ring on barrel for the chanter top. The 1/2”OD - 3/8” ID “O” rings tend to be a regular hardware product and really should be lubricated periodically with waterproof plumbers oil [vaseline does as a second choice]. For very long term storage space or infrequent playing the 2 halves should-be stored unassembled, as over time the oil will migrate from the shared, rendering it difficult to open up.

. We genuinely believe that you'll find the Cushing traditional application Chanter becoming comfortable to try out and to have a bright pleasing tone. The initial Cushing chanter was developed in 1977 to answer the need for a great, dependable tool which was well tuned and inexpensive. It was the first chanter available with an "O" band combined [thanks to a suggestion of Sandy St. James!] Our recently revised standard chanter - besides these previous qualities - today has an even more standard, tapered, one-piece body. To keep straight down costs it has no ferrule, and it is nevertheless a “soleless” chanter. Although we recommend our very own Cushiing Practice Chanter Reed, It is still commonly accepting of various reed patterns. Based reeding, it can play from below show B-flat To 30 cents sharp of B-flat, that is in which many pipeline groups play these days. Standard [bagpipe] pitch is about 20 cents sharp of A=440.

• completely matched for pitch and tone
• Made of unbreakable Delrin ®
•The original“O” ring joint eliminates the necessity for hemp;
• countersunk [chamfered] holes for simple fingering
• Quantity musical organization discounts available

STD Computer $50 USD - - - - without reed

Fustanella / Kilt an Albanian Traditional Costume
Fustanella / Kilt an Albanian Traditional Costume !!!
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Kilt, Not Costume
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Scottish Kilt Mens Costume DG 5084
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