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July 11, 2016
Bagpipes, Drums, and Divas at

The Cincinnati Caledonian Pipes & Drums Band will happily teach piping and drumming to anybody who is interested, free! Our doorways tend to be ready to accept all who want to discover and are ready to apply by themselves. Our main expectations for many of your students are regular attendance, frequent rehearse, and commitment to play.

Lessons are usually once a week and possess a timeframe of just one time. We give consideration to that provided a commitment amount, students may be playing inside Pipe Band (at a beginners degree) after 9-12 months of lessons. The Band has methods and activities for several levels. Please note that there are no set class begin dates for these lessons. Our musical organization typically gives mini private lessons every single student to be able to meet up with the needs of each and every student in the place of wanting to cluster each pupil into a course. The easiest method to begin is to purchase the recommended equipment (see below) and start attending the lessons!

Classes take place nearly every Thursday from 6pm-7pm at:

Springdale Nazarene Church
11177 Springfield Pike
Cincinnati, OH 45246
(view here for map/directions)
Be sure to check out the front-page of this web site for regular changes in practice place or cancellations.

Bagpipe Classes

Starting students must buy a practice chanter and course book. The rehearse chanter is played much like a recorder and serves for mastering the fingering and embellishments. After about nine months, most students are prepared to begin work with the bagpipe. The musical organization recommends the Gibson Long practice chanter because of its quality and price. You can aquire this practice chanter at Celtic Corner Store in Cincinnati or from web bagpipe stores. The required instructional guide is John Cairns’ Bagpipe possibilities Volume 2 (note volume 2 in the place of 1) which could be bought at Celtic Corner Store.

Drumming in a pipeline musical organization is a fun and interesting knowledge. A complete pipeline band drum corps includes a bass drum and tenor, alto, and snare drums. The highland style of snare drumming uses the original hold. The drumming is rudimental and similar to military style drumming, though the roadway to quality takes one through many twists and turns.

We have drum trainers within our musical organization who can make use of drummers to teach drum results, enhance precision, and teach the basic principles to novices.

Snare drumming students need a training pad and a pair of pipeline musical organization snare drumsticks. Rehearse shields are readily available at any local store of music or percussion materials, nevertheless drum sticks can be found at unique pipeline band stores. Beginning drummers must purchase appropriate drum sticks and shields at a cost on purchase of $50. Regular classes are no-cost.

1812 Crown Forces Fife & Drums with Bagpipes, #2.wmv
1812 Crown Forces Fife & Drums with Bagpipes, #2.wmv
New Sound - bagpipes+drums
New Sound - bagpipes+drums
NYPD Bagpipes, Drum band @ WTC 9/11 Memorial
NYPD Bagpipes, Drum band @ WTC 9/11 Memorial
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