What to wear with a Kilt casual?

January 20, 2017
This position on casual wear

No, just no.Will Not equal, this…

Indeed, yes, the Manolo receives the idea. You may be the unconventional, free-spirited, manly-dude, whom wants showing the world you march into beat of your Iron John drum group, whilst you not-so-surreptitiously air your junk out in public.

However, the Manolo would like to mention that the self-conception is dramatically at odds with the way the other countries in the globe sees you.Kilted Connery Given that Manolo’s internet buddy, the Lori, place it, “?”

Precisely. When You Look At The other words…

Genuine Scottish kilt, used correctly = The sensuous.
Utilikilt, worn by you = The Dorky.

The Manolo cannot care exactly how handsome you're, trust the Manolo, you look like dork within the utilikilt.

So, in the interests of average folks, limit your unconventionality to strangely shaped mustachios, very carefully sculpted beards, thinning ponytails, and bowler hats with steampunk goggles regarding the top. Usually do not show us your bony knees, and never possibly reveal us, in the event you slip and fall, towards the sight of the hairy base.

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