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September 9, 2011
Dutch Society of Scottish
LA Fifes & Drums

This Los Angeles Fifes and Drums ended up being created from people in the Cabar Feidh Pipe Band. The founding user, John Davis had the honor of playing with Calvin Biggar, a genuine guy and also the father of your last Chief and current Piping seat, John Biggar
The musical organization is led because of the Director and Drum teacher, John Davis and Fife Instructor Matthew Noell.
The Fife has been utilized as a marching instrument by Scottish armies for a longer period versus bagpipe; they ?are the initial military devices we documents of, along with a large arsenal because of the end for the seventeenth century. The majority of this early military music was considering Continental European designs, with only a slight Scottish accent, culminating when you look at the combination of Continental and Highland music based in the tune books regarding the Ebony Watch through the Napoleonic Wars? (1803 - 1815). After 1816 the Fife had been replaced by brass, which had been already improved with valves in order to make melodic playing easier, and also by the Crimean war of the 1850s the bagpipe started to take control songs inside Highland Regiments.
Their particular main function when you look at the army in those days would have been the signal corps. Informing troops when to increase, when to eat so when to strike or retreat. Also they served as speedometer while marching traveling. A quicker tempo leaves no stragglers and receives the troops towards the front quicker. And lastly they played familiar songs in camps to help keep spirits up and discourage desertion.
About half regarding the group originates from pipe bands and are headquartered in Studio City, CA. They play Scottish songs that you would be aware when you look at the military before the Highland Regiments got Pipe bands (about 1850). The devices are old fifes (piccolos) and rope tensioned drums.
John Davis built all the drums in the shop according to existing models of ancient drums and museum pieces.

There are five grades of bagpipe bands. The most effective pipeline bands on earth are in level 1. Grade 2 is the next category. Grades 3, 4 and 5 follow.
Towards the untrained ear, Grade 5 pipe rings are particularly great and entertaining. To artists with trained in the pipes, however, nothing compares to an excellent level 1 pipeline band.
Rings progress and down in grade depending on the way they fare in competitors. Including, the Bay Area's own Prince Charles Pipe Band won the Grade 2 World Championship in Glasgow, Scotland around 2000. Their particular winning lead to their being promoted to Grade 1, as well as the period, were among only three level 1 groups in america. Another Grade 1 groups had been the L.A. Scots Pipe Band as well as the City of Washington Pipe Band. In 2011, City of Chicago attained this position, while Prince Charles decided back in Grade 2.

The Caledonian Club of bay area, which creates these Scottish Games, in addition sponsors the Prince Charles (Caledonian Club of san francisco bay area) Pipe Band, which competes as a Grade 3 band. The players inside band range in age from 13 to person. This is the next generation of pipers and drummers, and ensures a continual circulation of Scottish performers for future activities and tournaments. On August 16, 2003, this musical organization won the level 3 World Championship in Glasgow.
Too, the Prince Charles company has a junior band composed of even more youthful people which is the starting band when it comes to organization, competing in level 5.

Our Scottish Gathering and Games will hold pipe musical organization competitions on Saturday and Sunday. Pipeline groups will take on other bands within their level. A Grade 3 pipe musical organization, as an example, will take on other level 3 rings, maybe not with Grade four or five rings.
Above 30 pipe bands will play together after daily into the Massed rings reveal in front of the Grandstand. Significantly More Than 750 pipers and drummers will march in development and play inspirational Scottish songs, including "Scotland the Brave, "Amazing Grace", and "Salute toward Chief" ("Highland Laddie”). Essential see event!!!

December Nights, Scottish Bagpipe Band
December Nights, Scottish Bagpipe Band
Scottish Bagpipe band music
Scottish Bagpipe band music
Dutch Society of Scottish Bagpipe Bands 2011 - MOJO
Dutch Society of Scottish Bagpipe Bands 2011 - MOJO
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