Plastic Bagpipes

July 21, 2017


Poly practise put - $850
(same as regular training set but stocks and chanter tend to be synthetic.)

This ready just isn't a budget set. Some producers sell spending plan sets that come with synthetic vinyl bags and bellows affixed with hardware store staple guns. My sets incorporate equivalent hand-made riveted bags and high quality leather-based bellows affixed with elegant upholstery tacks, perhaps not basics.
Regular application set - $1350
(Chanter with complete key obstructs made of Mopane, African Blackwood, or Ebony with made by hand fabric bag, fabric bellows, metal chanter cap, & reed ~ willing to play)
One Half Set - $2750
(Same as Regular training set with extra tenor, baritone, and bass drone in a standard stock with a shut-off secret, completely reeded and able to play.)
Drones just - $1400
( Mainstock with shut-off key, stock cup with tenor, baritone, & bass drones and reeds)
Uilleann sets with MacGregor style regulator setup ~ simplified 3/4 ready - $4350
(MacGregor made use of easy chords with a baritone regulator with just one D secret with an impression that extends and can be applied with all the F#, G, & A of a tenor regulator which includes 4 secrets, F#, G, A, & B.)

*Wooden Chanter with full keyblocks 5
*Wooden Chanter without keyblocks - 0
(*above have chanter cap and reed.)

*Tenor regulator - 00
*Baritone regulator - 00
*Bass regulator - 00
*E regulator - 0
(*above supplied with reed)

Keys C, G#, Bb, & F - 0 each

Poly Chanter - 0
( solid plastic chanter with c-nat keyblock)

Bellows $325

Brass chanter top
regular- $70
gooseneck $90

Wooden chanter top - $250
with stop-key blocks - $300
with end key - $550

Chanter or Regulator reed - $80

Pipebag - $150

All units pictured the following have plastic chanters.

Restoration of an old William Taylor set made circa 1870.
(William Taylor has-been known as the Stradivarius of pipe-makers)

Before Restoration: This set was in bad shape. It had several splits within the bass drone base part, and leaks inside stock, bass drone area, along with other areas that in which filled with wax, paint, and who knows just what wanting to end leaks and these types of in place of fixing the issues correctly. The baritone had been missing the ferrule at the top and body was seriously cracked. Additionally, the baritone regulator ended up being lacking all the keys whilst had been once switched from a left handed set to the right given set while the widened secrets associated with the bass and tenor regulators had been now switched inwards so that the earlier owner will need to have eliminated them most likely for repair works in addition they were lost permanently. The bagpipe is approx. 140 yrs . old so it is seen a whole lot but is now at this time undergoing renovation and certainly will quickly be in playing condition once more. The baritone regulator reveals two tips on it in the picture below. Those tips had been created by me personally as I had already started the renovation because the time this photo was taken.

Lacking secrets on the baritone regulator plus the bass regulator stock accessory has goop painted around the side to get rid of leaks. Uncertain the reason why they don't take it off and put a gasket of leather-based underneath to seal it. Their particular was material beneath the dish, stuff like gobs of wax, thread, paint, etc. It had been rather an awful cleaning nonetheless it was very effective.

The triple bored standing combined regarding the Taylor bass drone was in need of repair as a result of a crack that created on the outside of the top tuning pin which will be seated in to the african american and guaranteed set up with hemp or similar. This hemp had been cemented set up so I gradually heated the metal pipe until it got hot adequate to loosen up and turn out without damaging the lumber. When I washed within the thread that had followed it self towards the wall surface of the bore where it has been sitting for nearly 150 many years. The tuning pin was washed and covered with thread and seated back in the bore. Before we seated it back into the bore we repaired the break into the tuning pin bore and I also seated the pin back into its bore and put the ferrule and ivory mount straight back which has also been fitted with bond wrapping. When I sealed the most effective with cobblers wax received from Ted Anderson's bagpipe offer.

Cleaning down all the green oxidation gunk that types on old material components over years.

a repair was done on the piece of wood to the right for the base left ivory supports. In fact its the only ebony piece noticed in the photo. The initial bit of lumber was at bad shape.

Resonator puck plus the ferrule with a male brass piece which bond wrapped and placed to the repaired part pictured above.
Ongoing state of Restoration:

Notice, I experienced to build all of the missing baritone regulator secrets in initial Taylor design because the original left-handed ready had widened keys retrofitted on Bass and Tenor regulator, and when it had been transformed into a right passed set these outward-facing widened keys were now switched inwards. Due to this, I'd to help make the tips thin as initially made. I believe if the ready had been changed into the right passed set your in addition widened baritone regulator tips had been too big and developed a traffic jam so that they were eliminated in attempt to get rid of the added laminations on all of the regulator secrets while the task was never ever done as well as were lost eventually. You can switch the secrets over and determine the original keys underneath and widened sections tend to be a later addition which could happen done-by Taylor, or another pipe-maker but in any instance they certainly were done perfectly. I have discussed eliminating these laminations which are riveted across initial keys and rebuilding the challenge toward manufacturers original intention.

Plastic Bagpipe 2
Plastic Bagpipe 2
McCallum Bagpipe - P2 Plastic: Lothian Kilt Rentals
McCallum Bagpipe - P2 Plastic: Lothian Kilt Rentals ...
Gaita de bolsa. Plastic Bagpipe
Gaita de bolsa. Plastic Bagpipe
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