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August 10, 2016
Scott Ferguson

Hire confidently from Houston's with a range of 100 tartans, 20 styles, 12 colours of coats and over 2 million hire choices. Each Houston Kilt Pack comes filled with all you need to look the part for the special day.
What you need to do is:

  1. Check out the date of the occasion is the absolute minimum thirty day period ahead of time (THE GREATER AMOUNT OF TIME THE BETTER)
  2. Select an occasion for your Kilt hire
  3. Pick a tartan kilt pack to match your style
  4. Bring your measurements utilizing Houston's detail by detail guide (url to self measurement) or allow specialists measure you up waiting for you for perfect fit
  5. Select sizes and tints of 10 kilt pack things including jacket, clothing, waistcoat etc.
  6. Come into the go shopping for a final fitting or obtain a parcel if purchasing online 2 days before purpose day specified

Top Strategies For Kilt Hire

KILT: we recommend a full 8 yard 16oz heavy-weight kilt, because sits, swings and hangs and appears a million times better.

JACKET: go with an excellent light well-cut comfortable coats, prevent hefty boxy coats without exceptions!

SPORRANS: choose seal, racoon, nutra, mink or grey fox where possible because they are the very best quality additionally look much much better!

Always ask about the age of hire stock, you never want to have old tatty kilts in your special occasion.

Scottish Folk
Scottish Folk
Old English and Scottish Folk Songs
Old English and Scottish Folk Songs
Old Scottish folk song-500 miles
Old Scottish folk song-500 miles
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