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June 23, 2012
From left to right, Brian Cox

Branson flashed their suggestive undies to an audience of onlookers including Scotland's Deputy First Minister Nicola SturgeonSelf-promotion: Branson flashed his suggestive underwear to a group of onlookers including Scotland's Deputy very first Minister Nicola Sturgeon

The crude tongue-in-cheek phrase alluded to Mr Branson’s recently launched domestic solution, minimal Red, that may now offer Virgin flights between Edinburgh and Aberdeen, and London, in direct competitors with British Airways.

Never someone to shy away from the limelight, Mr Branson – who had a Scottish grandmother and it is hitched to a Glaswegian – endured on an increased system regarding windy runway and said it was ‘great to stay in Edinburgh’ before he revealed his underwear to a crowd which included Deputy very first Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Branson ended up being hoping to draw awareness of Virgin's new domestic services between London Heathrow and Edinburgh, Aberdeen and ManchesterSpeaking after the stunt, Mr Branson stated he had been ‘enjoying using a kilt’.

No shrinking violet: Branson had been hoping to draw attention to Virgin's brand new domestic solutions between London Heathrow and Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Manchester

‘Despite the weather its good to have some outdoors which is really comfortable, ’ he added. ‘I’ve got to the age where it is wise to always use anything under my kilt- especially in weather condition like this.’

It is not the very first time the Virgin mogul has actually resorted to such uncouth publicity stunts.

The new Little Red service lauched yesterday is the first-time Virgin Atlantic features run connecting routes from Scottish locations, and Mr Branson stated he was ‘excited’ having been because of the airport slots that arrived available after domestic flight British Midlands was forced away from business.

Branson stated which he had been appreciating wearing their kilt saying it had been 'nice to have some fresh air'‘we're delighted that individuals been able to collect these slot machines since it implies we can provide rigid competitors to British Airways, ’ stated the Virgin exec.

Honorary Scotsman: Branson stated that he was enjoying wearing their kilt saying it was 'nice to possess some oxygen'

‘There tend to be lots of people from around society who want to fly to Edinburgh and Aberdeen now we can finally today compete precisely with BA and present men and women the opportunity to travel up right here with Virgin.’

‘I anticipate a long and flourishing relationship with Scotland.’

Canny businessman Branson took the opportunity to have a dig at competitors British Airways, saying that the 'stiff competition' message had been directed at all of themThe broadened Virgin Atlantic solution can establish 130 brand-new jobs in Scotland, and is likely to create £75 million in income for the Scottish economy.

Talking yesterday, Mr Branson said that while he ended up being ‘thrilled’ that Virgin had finally already been allowed to expand solutions to Edinburgh and Aberdeen, he had been unhappy they was indeed avoided from running out of Glasgow.

‘i might like to be traveling to Glasgow and, but also for some strange explanation your competitors authorities, just who bequeathed us these slots, performedn’t let us have the slot machines to take on British airways regarding Glasgow’, added the millionaire businessman.

Brazen: Canny businessman Branson took the opportunity to have a dig at rivals British Airways, stating that the 'stiff competition' message ended up being targeted at them

After stating losings of up to £135 million within the last two years, Mr Branson and Virgin Atlantic’s brand-new leader, Craig Kreeger, stated the brand new domestic service had been one the main organization’s intends to press its funds back into the black.

And despite their brazen publicity stunt, Mr Branson was insistent which he would remain on basic ground on the question of Scottish Independence.

‘If Scotland becomes independent they've an airline that'll be pleased to connect all of them for their neighbouring nation incase it remains element of britain, we are similarly pleased to have

Scottish folks use our services to just take visits right down to bit old England, ’ said Mr Branson.

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