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September 20, 2014
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Scottish Highland Dance
Madison, WI

Old-fashioned garments are very different in almost every culture. Guys don’t put on pants in most countries! The kilt is an important part of Scottish conventional gown, and lots of Scottish guys and guys tend to be pleased to wear one.

Kilts might look like dresses, but they’re different! Kilts are made from heavy wool. They wrap around the waistline in addition to material overlaps in the front. Kilts fasten on the side with buckles. The leading is smooth additionally the back has plenty of pleats. The heavy pleats make an attractive moving activity during party. Highland performers wear kilts at knee-length. Both men and women put on kilts, but men always add a sporran.

Look at the two pictures off to the right. They reveal a lady and a new man using Highland party attire. Both performers tend to be wearing kilts, exactly what about the rest of their clothes? What is the exact same concerning the garments? Understanding various?

To execute Highland dances, males wear a kilt, a sporran, a coat, kilt hose with flashes, and a bonnet. Women put on a kilt, tartan hose pipe, a blouse, and a waistcoat.

Tekla Wvlodarczyk. Picture by Jamie Yuenger.The Heather Highland Dancers additionally perform Scottish national dances. Ladies wear a unique group of clothes for national dances: a gathered top, a blouse, a petticoat, and a brooch. You can view the women’s national dress below. Guys use equivalent set of garments both for Highland and nationwide dances. They change just for two dances. They wear knickers when it comes to Irish jig and tartan jeans when it comes to trews.

Let’s enjoy!

Many individuals with Scottish forefathers like to commemorate their particular history. One preferred means they celebrate has been a “Burns Dinner.” Robert Burns is a Scottish poet whom died in 1796. People love his work so much that they gather on his birthday celebration each year (January 25th). They drink Scotch whiskey and consume foods like haggis, neeps and tatties. They read “Robbie’s” poems and recite others inside the honor. Frequently there’s music and dance. The Heather Highland Dancers perform in the St. Andrew’s Society’s Robert Burns Dinner in Madison yearly.

Another preferred method to celebrate Scottish tradition reaches Highland Games. These activities are huge outside gatherings with a lot of activities. If you go you’ll find Scottish Highland party tournaments, Scottish country dance exhibitions, activities by pipeline rings, and sports games like caber toss.

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It is possible to visit a Highland Games in Wisconsin! In Summer, go right to the Scottish Fest/Milwaukee Highland Games in Glendale, as well as in September, look at the Wisconsin Highland Games and Celtic Fling in Waukesha. Discover more about these activities as well as other subjects about Scottish Highland Dance at Resources for pupils.

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Pontus spelar golf iklädd traditionell kilt i Bonde ...
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