Jon Swayne Bagpipes

August 30, 2016
Musette de Cour (French 18th

As well as the great people bal, you will have a full day of activities with all the artists.

The Blowzabella Day could be the yearly musical emphasize the musical organization and a unique treat for folk-music fans, instrumentalists and performers! Those people who have never ever experienced the musical organization live shall perhaps not lose out this unique possibility.

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10:00 - 13:00 : workshops Dance wokshop with Jo Freya & Dave Shepherd With the rest of band providing the music. Some very nice English conventional dances many of this European couple dances that Blowzabella have popularised throughout the last 30+ years. The goal of the workshop is to help men and women take full advantage of a Blowzabella gig. All centuries and abilities welcome. There’s lots for skilled performers to master too. Music workshop FOLK BIG BAND with Paul James Utilizing simple, catchy folk dance tunes as a starting point, this workshop is all about working together as a team to produce a great huge band sound which over the sum its parts. Appropriate all centuries, capabilities, any instrument. No previous knowledge of folk-music necessary. The aim is to produce imaginative arrangements - using harmonies and riffs, designs and characteristics - which can be intriguing and enjoyable to play, dance and tune in to. You need to be of a standard where you could play an easy folk track through during the correct tempo, either by ear or by reading songs. The Folk Big Band will do in the night party. 14:30 - 17:00 : workshops Bagpipes workshop with Jon Swayne Introducing individuals to English bagpipe repertoire, both old-fashioned and recently composed, working mainly by ear, but music is present at the end. Run technique and ornamentation relevant to that arsenal are included. If time permits therefore the proper tools are available, the workshop will enjoy playing polyphony with two, three or maybe more lines, an application with which Jon has significant experience. Suitable for conical bore lips or bellows blown bagpipes in G (for example, edge, Flemish and French pipelines). Hurdy gurdy workshop with Grégory Jolivet Gregory is a seasoned hurdy-gurdy teacher both in the standard strategies and arsenal of main France and in more sophisticated and improvisational approaches to playing the instrument. The fundamental standard required to make the most of this workshop is usually to be in a position to discover a straightforward folk party tune by ear and play it within correct tempo with other people. Diatonic Accordion & melodeon (G/D) workshop with Andy Cutting Suited to intermediate and much more higher level people. The basic standard needed to get the most from this workshop is to be capable find out a simple people dance tune by ear and play it in the right tempo with others. Singing workshop with Jo Freya Taking old-fashioned tracks and performing all of them in harmony as a bunch. All many years and abilities welcome. You don't need to be able to review songs. The focus is on creating outstanding noise by arranging gorgeous tracks when it comes to voices there. Violin workshop with Dave Shepherd Mainly English conventional tunes and great tips on rhythm and magnificence. The basic standard expected to take full advantage of this workshop is to be in a position to discover an easy folk dance track by ear and play it during the correct tempo with other people. Some songs can be obtained on the day. 20:00 - 24:00 : People Bal with Blowzabella People Bal with AIOL

You can find only a small few seats readily available for the workshops. Cannot waste to enough time to book your tickets.

Jon Swayne & Becky Price
Jon Swayne & Becky Price
Jon Swayne, Pipe Maker
Jon Swayne, Pipe Maker
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