What is a Ceilidh Dance?

March 29, 2017
What is Ceilidh?

Dance Inspired By Musical - Music Influenced By Dance

"the songs arises from the fiddler's heart, through their strings and directly into your heart" -
Father John Angus Rankin.
a cultural prize associated with the location is step dance, an extremely energentic, percussive kind of dance motivated by fiddle songs. Dive in to the culture, join us from the dance floor, pay attention and let the songs take hold and show you.

Brook Village Adult Square Dances

Monday evenings 9:30pm - 1:00am, through July to September.
Available to adults only (elderly 19 & over) at Brook Village Hall, 6432 path 252.
Admission $6.00, bar and canteen readily available.
To find out more telephone call 756-2450.

Glencoe Mills Family Square Dances

Thursday nights from 9:00pm - 12:00am through July & August.
Open to all ages at Glencoe Mills Hall, 628 Upper Glencoe Road. 15km from town.
Admission $8.00, under 12 no-cost. Canteen readily available
To find out more contact 945-2213.

West Mabou Family Square Dances - Year-round

Saturday evenings
10:00pm - 1:00am (May-October)
9:00pm-12:00am (November- April)
All centuries welcome at West Mabou Hall, 2399 western Mabou Road. 5km from village.
Admission $8.00; under 12 no-cost. Canteen offered featuring Mabou River Inn pizza.
For more information telephone call 945-2816.

Ceilidhs with Karen & Joey Beaton - Tuesday Nights

Today with its twenty-first period, the 2016 version regarding the Tuesday Ceilidhs will start July 2 on Mabou Community Hall. Working weekly from 7:30 to 9 p.m., old-fashioned Celtic songs will be inside limelight each Tuesday night through the summer. Admission each week is $7.
Mabou Community Hall, 11538 Ceilidh Path (Highway Path 19)
Dates: Tuesdays through July & August

Annual Ceilidh from the Wharf

Mabou Coal Mines, Ceilidh Trail (Highway Path 19)
Date(s): often the 2nd Sunday in August
Found at Mabou Coal Mines. Take the Mabou Harbour Road off of Highway 19 in Mabou and stick to the signs. Fun for your family members. Works from 1 to 4pm. Lots of local talent and musical entertainment, watercraft trips, and stunning views all contained in the price of entry. Canteen services on location.
Admission: $7, with reasonable children's rates readily available.

Mabou Spring Concert

Mabou, Ceilidh Trail (Highway Route 19)
Date(s): Usually the May long weekend
7:30pm, Mabou Parish Hall. Show features local artists, performers and vocalists.

Hillsborough & Glendyer Hall Jam Sessions

Held during the Hillsborough Glendyer Hall, Route 252 every second Saturday 8pm-12am.

Mabou Ceilidh Times

An annual community ceilidh held in July with exact times and motif TBA. Numerous activities throughout the community including teen party, outside household motion picture, ship parade, square party, road race, road parade, ecumenical solution, children’s games, traditional tea, outdoor gala, crafts, beer yard, milling frolic, open mic/jam program, farmer's marketplace, Pioneer Mass, roast beef dinner, and special show at Mabou Community Hall to wrap the week's tasks. Happens at numerous areas throughout Mabou.

Source: www.mabouvillage.com
苏格兰乡村集体舞 - Scottish Ceilidh Dance
苏格兰乡村集体舞 - Scottish Ceilidh Dance
苏格兰民族舞蹈—凯利舞(Ceilidh Dance)之一
苏格兰民族舞蹈—凯利舞(Ceilidh Dance)之一
Ceilidh Dancing!
Ceilidh Dancing!
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