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May 20, 2016
Please give me your honest

My nerdy gentlemen pals, you deserve to check smashing. Wearing your chosen fandom (physician whom, perhaps) on a t-shirt is excellent and all, exactly what if you’re in search of some thing a little more creative and fancy? I’ve pulled together various easy-to-find pieces of attire to dress up your time-traveling clothes.

TARDIS Inspired Kilt

You-know-what they do say about males in kilts, don’t you? We in all honesty don’t, so kindly tell me. This TARDIS encouraged utility kilt is hand-made to purchase and also has actually pouches to keep your equipment. Pockets! As a skirt-wearing girl, this will make me insanely jealous.

Picture credit: kiltthis.com

Time Lord Cuff Hyperlinks

For a tuxedo-worthy celebration, you’re want to a pair of cuff backlinks. These Time Lord cuff backlinks tend to be beautiful in design and classic adequate to fool the traditional attention. Flash these children across the event and you’ll quickly discover which the enjoyment folks are.

Photo credit: Etsy – HotMousePage

TARDIS sound wave necklaces

Desire some nice bling that’s more about the masculine side? These pendants sport an audio wave image regarding the iconic TARDIS whooshing sound together with blue and white colors would be the just sign as to what it may possibly portray. Slight.

Picture credit: Etsy seller ChimericGarnish

Bow Ties

Bow connections tend to be cool, nevertheless shouldn’t have to restrict you to ultimately the couple of Matt Smith wore in the show. You can find thousands upon several thousand variants of bow connections. Acquire some that are exclusively you. You could begin your individual collection with assistance from The link Bar.

Photo credit: The wrap club


Fezzes… really they never ever got very as cool even as we hoped Doctor Who would cause them to become. Conversely, Matt Smith did win British GQ’s most fashionable man of 2011, so there’s gotta be something in their mind. They could never be so great for day-to-day wear, however for an unique occasion or meeting, it is the perfect time to defy style rules. Fez-o-rama is an excellent supply for enjoyable fezzes with a truly geeky flair.

Photo credit: Fez-o-rama

Coats, Multiple Coats

Each Doctor has his very own signature coating. Eccleston had a black leather jacket. Tennant, his brown trench coat. Smith rocked the tweed and Capaldi had his black colored formal jacket with a flash of red lining. Pick your thing, or get a coat for every celebration. Because why have actually just one single style when you can have four? Thankfully, finding a medical doctor outerwear is simply an easy Google search away.

Image credit: BBC


Whovian or not, you really need to own a set of Converse All-Star sneakers. They’re comfortable and classic. David Tennant revealed the galaxy that they’re in the same way great to wear with a suit because they are with jeans. You could get classic purple or white if you'd like to emulate the 10th Doctor’s look, but chucks are available a multitude of colors. Plus there are numerous gifted men and women on Etsy who are able to customized design you a pair.

Now grab your sonic screwdriver and show society what you’ve got. Like to present your personal Doctor Just who fashion style? Share your photos with us into the commentary!

Source: geekandsundry.com
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