Tom Orr Scottish Dance Band

June 26, 2015
Tom Orr and his Scottish Dance

Off-the-Beaten-Track-Cover-SquareCongratulations to Tom Orr who have been selected in Instrumentalist of the Year sponsored by Royal Scottish country-dance Society in the MG ALBA Scots Trad musical Awards 2015. Vote now!

We asked Tom Orr of Tom Orr listed here questions.

Inform us about yourself
Tom Orr is amongst the brightest and leading exponents of Scottish Dance Band songs, influencing younger performers in the united states. Whether playing accordion or piano he plays to finest standard and is never afraid to experiment and make the music idiom into brand-new locations.

Their skills are not limited to Scottish Dance Music alone, Tom is similarly yourself in the broader realms of conventional music where he has already been seen to showcase the adaptability of his technique and musicality.

Why are you taking part in Scottish music?
The buzz, the addiction, the latest options, the people, the imagination, and it also tends to make me personally a significantly better individual.

Any certain job shows?
Finished . I favor about songs is brand-new features happen all the time. My view is music enables you to look forward rather than becoming nostalgic. Therefore….this months certain emphasize is carrying out at the Scots Trad Awards Ceremony and being selected for ‘Instrumentalist of Year’!

Exactly what are your plans money for hard times?
To keep following brand-new possibilities, meeting and using as numerous new people that you can, and seeking toward seeing what brand-new music experience is ready the corner…

Tom Orr Band at Keith Festival 2009
Tom Orr Band at Keith Festival 2009
Graeme Mitchell Scottish Dance Band
Graeme Mitchell Scottish Dance Band
Tom Orr Scottish Dance Band live at The Gathering, Celtic
Tom Orr Scottish Dance Band live at The Gathering, Celtic ...
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