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September 11, 2016
An enchanting evening of
Highland Dancing

Saturday, September third, 2016

Highland Dance Competitive Events


Dating back to towards the 11th century, the Highland dances of Scotland tended to be highly sports male dances of success, delight, or some other reflection of every day life. Competitive Highland dancing, for males only, began during Highland revival of Victoria Britain. Females began contending at the turn for the twentieth century. Highland dancing is amongst the couple of arenas in which both women and men compete similarly. Irrespective who's dancing, Highland dances require both athletic and artistic skills.


Today performers are evaluated by standards set by the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing (SOBHD) formed in 1949. SOBHD judges are skilled instructors of highland dancing who've passed a rigorous a number of tests. Performers are evaluated on three fundamental areas: Timing, approach, and General Deportment.

Dancers participate in certainly one of five levels: Primary (under 7 years of age); novice (until obtaining a stamp at 6 different competitions); Novice (until obtaining a stamp at 6 different competitions); Intermediate (for just one year from date of final inexperienced competitors); and Premier (the greatest degree of competitors). Each level divides into age groups depending on the entries.


Northeastern United States Open Championship (NEUS). 
Premier performers will vie for Champion and 1st Runner up within 5 designated age groups. In watching the early morning events, you'll wonder in the event that dancers train collectively, because to your basic market they are going to try looking in synch. Dancers have to perform the SOBHD Championship methods for the following dances: Highland Fling, Sword Dance, Seann Triubhas, and Strathspey & Half Tulloch. One misplaced action and a dancer are going to be disqualified.

Pre-Premier Competitors
After starting ceremonies, the Pre-Premier competitors will begin. As mentioned above, the Pre-Premier competitive categories will be the beginning degrees of Highland dance. Performers begins along with their National dances (the Scottish Lilt). Then, always a crowd pleaser, make sure to catch the future of Highland dance, the Primary performers (the dancers under 7 years) as they perform their particular 16 Pas de Basque, Pas de Basques & tall Cuts, Sword Dance, and Highland Fling.
For history of the dances, make sure you get a program at Games.

Sunday, September 4th, 2016

Highland Dance Efficiency


Braemar Highland Dancers
Established in 1962 by Mrs. Jeannie Jardine Brauns (p. 2005) the Braemar Highland Dancers are happy is celebrating their particular school’s 50th Anniversary on Sunday of our Games. Current performers range in age from three to person. Shows contains conventional and choreographed dances also a chance for the audience to participate.
Ashburton & National Highland Dancing
Ashburton & National Highland Dancing
Scottish Highland Dance at Disneyland Paris 2011
Scottish Highland Dance at Disneyland Paris 2011
Highland dance of the Black Cocks in Blair Atholl, Scotland
Highland dance of the Black Cocks in Blair Atholl, Scotland
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