Scottish Kaylee Dancing

February 15, 2016
London Ceilidh Band

Over many years men and women have understand St. Patrick’s Day, but this month (October) it’s time for you accept ‘The Ceilidh’. The Irish Association of Korea (IAK), with the St. Andrew’s community of Seoul, may be staging ‘The Ceilídh’ a family group enjoyable event on Saturday, the 18th of October. A Ceilídh is “a social event with Irish or Scottish folk-music, singing and standard dancing”.

A Ceilídh, phonetically pronounced as Kaylee, has its own origins rooted within the Celtic tradition of Ireland and Scotland. If you'd like to learn about about Celtic music, party and culture then this is actually the perfect time to come along in order to find your roots. A single day will likely be packed filled with tasks with a number of Irish and Scottish dance and songs designs on show. The dances are very very easy to find out in addition to whole day is centered around offering people the chance to discover and encounter Celtic culture while having a great amount of enjoyable along the way.

On the list of prepared fall into line you will find, among others, Korean action Dancers ‘Tap Pung’, Korean Celtic performers ‘Bard’, the standard Irish Music Group ‘Ceoltoirí Seoul’, a conventional Scottish bagpiper, Scottish nation dance, and rockband ‘Sweet Murphy’s Fancy’.

In addition to all of this you will have a unique overall performance of Sean Nós and broomstick dancing. Sean Nós indicates ‘old design’ and is a casual form of party that comes through the far western coast of Ireland, in a place known as Connemara. During each performance there will be the opportunity for all market members getting involved and learn the straightforward dance tips.

To complete any way you like there will also be an after celebration from 8pm that evening when you look at the Wolfhound, Itaewon’s Irish club. The night occasion are going to be jointly hosted by the IAK and also the Seoul Gaels Irish baseball staff. So mark the date, get your dancing shoes prepared and come participate in these Celtic conventional festivities.

More information:

Whenever will it be: Saturday, October 18th 1pm – 6pm

Where is it D-Cube City, Sindorim

Just how much does it are priced at: nothing at all

Getting truth be told there: Lines 1 & 2 Sindorim Station Exit 1

In the evening: The Wolfhound, Itaewan subway section exit 4, change right and after 100 metres turn right again.

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Scottish dance toronto - Ceilidh
Scottish dance toronto - Ceilidh
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