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December 31, 2016
James Senior Braemar Coloured

Munro Competion Shoes had been launched by Bobby Munro.

Both as a highland performer whom competed on Highland Games dance tournaments, and also as a number one dancer in several performers whom performed at many Scottish functions throughout the U.K., Bobby desired shoes that revealed the performers' foot perfectly. So he designed a shoe which was light and flexible and therefore enhanced the overview of the base. He marketed these shoes at Highland Games party tournaments, day-schools and by mail order.

I very first found Bobby whenever I had been students, going to the R.S.C.D.S. instructors' certificate course in London. Bobby had successfully finished this two year course and found go to the course one evening. He invited me to join his regular highland class in London.

Later on, when Elizabeth Nelson and I also established our annual summer college at Philipps home in Dinton, Bobby became one of our top Highland teachers.

Favourite Memories.

Bobby's walking-stick. Used to encourage turnout in performers' legs.

Bobby's favourite expression "notice over question!"

"I don't mind therefore . .!

Hot August morning class at 7.30am.

Bobby and Sq. Commander Jones banging the supper gong to announce it was time for you to begin.

Bobby reaching Phillips House in the two-seater Cessna Plane.

Appreciating a flight inside the jet over Phillipps House and Stonehenge.

The Dinton Head!

The season of Bats invading dancers bed spaces.

Delivering S.O.S. to Schnell's for additional gateaux for tea!

Bobby's kindness to David, offering him together with first kilt.

Bobby's broken toe- outcome of playing racing ping pong.

and Ken's ceilidh product, which involved a junior doctor at Salisbury hospital putting a complete size plaster cast on his knee!

Saturday early morning persuading a less sceptical physician to authorise its removal.

Our spaniels Hamish and Fergus associated the piper each morning on his circumnavigation of Phillipps home while he piped early morning jigs and reels.

Moving at sunrise at Stonehenge and on Dinton town green as part of the town parties.

The way the Garretts became involved with Munro Competion Shoes

Throughout the 1990s Bobby was residing Sweden. His mama was despatching shoes to performers from Writtle in Essex.

One day in August we telephoned to position an order to decide to try Dinton. To my shock Bobby took the decision himself. He requested whether i'd take over despatching the shoes. So in a hired van David and I drove up to Writtle and returned to Sussex with boxes and containers of Munro Competition shoes. Our spare bed room had been shortly transformed with shelving into a shop space for dancing shoes.

Who wears Munro Competition Shoes?

Young children and experienced performers. Our many prestigious teachers, Mervyn Short, has used Munro Competion Shoes for several years. He found Dinton into the middle 1990s to teach Highland and Scottish nation Dancing. He has got motivated many dancers to wear our footwear.

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scottish girl dancing to thrift shop
scottish girl dancing to thrift shop
Ukulele wear away my dancing shoes
Ukulele wear away my dancing shoes
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