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June 20, 2015
The Scottish Register of

The Bass Culture team features followed a significant, studious demeanour once the task moves towards its October web-launch. Not that we weren’t really serious and studious before, but we’re even more so today, which goes a way to outlining why there are a lot fewer blogposts nowadays.

David and Karen tend to be modifying the spreadsheet (consistency is our middle title, and qualitative judgements are very very carefully weighed up, if they’re allowed to remain anyway!). Luca is building the website.

It’s most of the additional things that Karen’s scared of forgetting! There's likely to be a bibliography of crucial sources: listed below are a lot of them, but we’ll supply the full bibliographic precisely the internet site itself!

  • Baptie’s Musical Scotland
  • The British Union-Catalogue of early music imprinted prior to the 12 months 1801 : a record for the holdings of over one hundred libraries for the British Isles (within database, abbreviated as BUCEM)
  • Douglas, Sheila – The Atholl Collection catalogue: 300 many years of Scottish songs and poetry (Perth, UK: Perth & Kinross Libraries, 1999)
  • Glen, John - The Glen collection of Scottish dance songs : strathspeys, reels, and jigs, chosen from the earliest printed resources, or from the composer’s works [2 vols, 1891 and 1895](within our database, within the structure: Glen, number of Scottish Dance Music)
  • Gore, Charles – Scottish Music Index
  • Johnson, David – Music and Society
  • Kidson, Frank – British music publishers, printers and engravers : London, provincial, Scottish and Irish. From Queen Elizabeth’s reign to George the Fourth’s, with choose bibliographical lists of musical works imprinted and posted within that period (1900) (within database, into the format, Kidson, British Music Publishers
  • National Library of Scotland, Digital Gallery
  • Oxford Music
  • xford Dictionary of Nationwide Biography
  • RISM (Arsenal Internationale des Sources Musicales)
  • Scottish Book Trade Index (within our database, SBTI)
  • Smith and Humphries’ Music Publishing within the British Isles

All the details can there be in Karen’s Mendeley and Diigo accounts, nonetheless it however should be collated and dual, treble-checked!

Hold onto your hats, people – it's going to be rather a trip!

(And not an HMS Pinafore coming soon!)

David McGuinness’s Concerto Caledonia are going to be playing for everyday of Quadrilles and Contredanses in Edinburgh this Saturday, as Talitha Mackenzie leads a Regency Dance workshop. Never was a band better informed than this! Given that they can be drawing upon Bass customs repertoire, it seems proper to post information on the function right here. Therefore … have you figured out your Quadrilles from your own Contredanses?

  • Dance Workshop 10.30 are to 4.30 PM (£20)
  • Regency Ball 7.30-9.30 PM (£8/£6 or £5 with Workshop solution)
  • Venue: Scottish Storytelling Centre, 43-45 traditional, Edinburgh, with live music on period instruments throughout the day from people in Concerto Caledonia.

All welcome! Low-heeled shoes or dancing pumps recommended ~ Regency dress advised although not needed for the ball.

We’re gratified to get that our observations about these fiddle collections tend to be attracting interest!

Occasionally bit small discoveries come like a ray of sunlight in to the routine entering of information into our mega-spreadsheet. For example, today we found an innovative new supply of information that sheds light from the offering tasks of our music sellers. Andrew Rochead, which reissued Robert Petrie’s very first number of Strathspey Reels and Country Dances, additionally made and offered square pianos – there's two instances inside University of Edinburgh’s guitar Museums. There’s a helpful database to pay attention to!

But it improves. In 1808, Niel Gow edited and reissued Petrie’s 2nd Collection. Muir Wood reissued Petrie’s Third range the exact same 12 months. And Rochead reissued initial collection circa 1809, based on the University of Glasgow’s Special Collections cataloguers. Or was it? What’s the betting it was 1808, prompting Gow and Rochead to rush forth to get their particular share of the thing that was clearly hot residential property?

Ronnie Gibson, doctoral researcher within University of Aberdeen, informs us that, “Nath Gow judged him the greatest at competitors in 1822 held along with George IV’s trip to Scotland, so he must’ve already been about ok!”

Petrie lived 1767-1830, therefore he was in his mid-forties at that competitors. Thankfully musicians continue to be at the top of their particular careers for longer than sportspeople!

The question grew up about copyright laws – had the copyright laws expired? Well … no, it hadn’t. Present legislation provided for 14 many years after publication, or 28 if the author had been nonetheless live after 14. So – let’s do our calculations!

  • Book 1 – 1790-1804; Petrie lived on therefore he got another 14 many years copyright
  • Book 2 – 1795-1809; Petrie’s however alive so …
  • Book 3 - 1800-1814; Petrie’s barely 40
  • Book 4 – 1805-1819; Petrie’s nevertheless around – and has that competitors to play in yet!
The Steven Carcary Scottish Dance Band - The Irish Rover
The Steven Carcary Scottish Dance Band - The Irish Rover
The Steven Carcary Scottish Dance Band - Georgella Blues
The Steven Carcary Scottish Dance Band - Georgella Blues
The Steven Carcary Scottish Dance Band
The Steven Carcary Scottish Dance Band
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