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August 24, 2016
Space Bagpipes -- The Cut

Linsey Pollak ©Renee Melides

Linsey Pollak has also created songs with onions, potatoes, pumpkins and watermelons

I’ve toured all around the globe when it comes to past 23 many years performing solo shows featuring the instruments that I’ve made. I created the carrot clarinet after a concert producer requested us to produce a completely new concept for a show. For some reason, the notion of boring completely a carrot and turning it into a musical instrument popped into my mind. You 'must' have a really company, fresh carrot; it can’t have-been down the straight back regarding the fridge for too long. But it’s pretty direct really – it’s simply a matter of drilling the right-sized hole.

My entry into songs was as a youngster in Australian Continent, learning traditional clarinet until I happened to be about 19. After that, at institution, we began making and offering bamboo flutes. I happened to be within my 2nd year of physiology at the time, but when i dropped away so I had additional time which will make tools. My parents have been experts, so they really were probably slightly dissatisfied nonetheless they I want to follow my personal course.

From then on, i acquired a grant to pay 6 months going around museums in Europe, measuring Renaissance tools to create copies. We saw quite a few beautifully engineered walking-stick flutes, and so I started making some, just for enjoyable.

In 1977, I wound up in London and set-up a guitar workshop in Rotherhithe, prior to the gentrification for the area. There was a collective of approximately 25 craftspeople located in a classic wool warehouse. While I became there, I realized Macedonian songs from an album in a friend’s collection and decided that i desired to understand the Macedonian bagpipes, or gaida. It was inexpensive to travel from London to Macedonia – £25 regarding the coach to Skopje – therefore I was there about eight months throughout, hanging out with Romany gypsies and learning the Macedonian bagpipe.

After after some duration, I came back to Australian Continent and I didn’t have any cash, so I was busking with my bagpipes outside a cinema. One-night, a group of burly, tough-looking guys came out and headed right in my situation while I became playing. They formed a circle around myself, and I also began getting slightly concerned. Then they instantly joined up with fingers and began moving – it absolutely was several Macedonians. These were blown-out there was this Australian guy which talked some their language and played this crazy Macedonian instrument.

By this aspect, I was mainly making Renaissance flutes and Macedonian bagpipes but we held experimenting. I started making flutes away from an aluminium seat and a camping feces. 1st big show i did so featured lots of tools made of household items – ladders, brooms, mops, garden forks and cutlery. Later on, i did so a food-themed tv show utilizing onions, potatoes, pumpkins and watermelons. In the event that you push bamboo satay sticks into watermelons at various lengths you amplify the noise: it's like a giant flash piano.

As a whole, I’ve probably made about 100 types of instrument. I usually understand what I’m after but often I get a really interesting surprise. Mr Curly, a contra bass clarinet created from garden hose, had been nice because i did son’t imagine I’d get these types of outstanding sound out-of such a lengthy, slim pipeline.

Then there’s my rubber-glove bagpipe, that has undergone a range of transmutations. There are many more than 230 forms of bagpipe all over the globe and individuals have used all sorts of things when it comes to case – the Macedonians utilize an entire goat, while the Scots make use of stitched fabric. 1st bagpipes we experimented with were made out of a plastic wine case. I quickly shifted towards rubber glove. The present version utilizes the glove, an irrigation water-pipe and a reed made from some vibrating trash case.

My most popular tools are Mr Curly and also the carrot clarinet. Men and women get, my god – you can get that noise only from a bit of vegetable? But it really is really as simple as making a tube, whilst’s air inside pipe that’s vibrating. The materials impacts the sound not whenever you'll anticipate. That’s why you will get a pretty amazing sound from something like a carrot.

Lunar Dance with Rubber Glove Bagpipe & Kaossilator
Lunar Dance with Rubber Glove Bagpipe & Kaossilator
Playing the Rubber Glove Bagpipe
Playing the Rubber Glove Bagpipe
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