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September 27, 2015
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Irish party recordThe early history of Irish party reveals a consistent shifting of populace through migration and invasions. Each one of these peoples brought their favored types of party and music. You can find only vague sources toward early reputation for Irish dancing, but there is however evidence that among its very first practitioners were the Druids, whom danced in religious traditions honouring the oak-tree and the sunlight. Traces of their circular dances survive in band dances nowadays. Whenever Celts found its way to Ireland from central European countries over two thousand years ago, they brought with them their particular folk dances.Irish Dance round 400 AD, following the conversion to Christianity, this new priests utilized the pagan type of ornamentation in illuminating their manuscripts, even though the peasants retained the exact same qualities in their music and dance.

The Anglo-Norman conquest inside twelfth century brought Norman traditions and tradition to Ireland. The Carol was a well known Norman dance where the frontrunner sang and had been in the middle of a circle of dancers whom replied with the exact same track. This Norman dance had been done in conquered Irish towns.

Three principal Irish dances are discussed often in sixteenth century writing: the Irish Hey, the Rinnce Fada (long party) plus the Trenchmore. Among the first sources to dance is in a letter published by Sir Henry Sydney to Queen Elizabeth we in 1569. "they have been extremely gorgeous, magnificently dressed and first class dancers, " Sydney published of this women he saw dancing enthusiastic Irish jigs in Galway.

Sydney proceeded to explain the party development, observing the performers in 2 right lines which implies these people were carrying out an earlier type of the lengthy party.

Through the middle sixteenth century, dances had been done inside great halls associated with the newly built castles. A number of the dances had been adapted because of the sixteenth...

KQED Spark - Healy Irish Dance Studio
KQED Spark - Healy Irish Dance Studio
Niall Doorhy Dancer demonstrating Irish Country Music Jive
Niall Doorhy Dancer demonstrating Irish Country Music Jive
Irish Set Dancing Part 5
Irish Set Dancing Part 5
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