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May 24, 2017
Of Glasgow ex-hire kilts I

Geoffrey Tailor Highland Crafts - Glasgow, ukOch Aye the noo, jings crivvens, hoots guy, geez yur wallet ya drive!! Don't worry people it really is ok for me personally to delve into nationwide stereotypes and a wee dab of self mockery every now and again.

Well, the store then. Its huge, packed with kilts and traditional (performed the highlanders truly wear black colored suit coats and bow connections) Scottish outfit using the odd little tat for any tourists which occur to endeavor up because of this. With a giant screen display its pretty difficult to miss this location, but unlike some other kilty type places, this business do transform their particular displays frequently and also by the appearance of things are very keen on pushing newer Scottish gear...is an ordinary back kilt nonetheless a kilt? Or perhaps is it simply a person dress? Can I be extradited for saying this? Screw it, bloke in a dress! Bloke in a dress. Bloke in a dress!

Aye, in order you'd expect this place does a great trade in kilt hire, or you've got the absurd amount of cash required to buy all gear, they'll offer you one as well. Costs are pretty standard for hire and purchase alike, but this spot attracts me personally only very a little over a few of the other hire joints, strictly i think since it appears the component. Uncertain precisely how old it really is nonetheless it gets the ye olde check out it that appeals to the "Aye, she actually is a beneficial pig" within.

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