Blackwood bagpipes

May 12, 2016
Strathmore ST-1

Design your bagpipe by choosing the drone profile below, the projecting mounts, after that your metalwork.

Establish your final cost by choosing your profile and lumber here, than add metalwork prices as well as other add-ons such as pipe bag, reeds, cords and address.

All units include the delrin musical organization chanter that can easily be upgraded to Blackwood or Cocobolo for $150-00

Complete silver sets need the Blackwood or Cocobolo chanter as standard.

We are able to also do customized design and build one of a kind instruments.

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Cocobolo/Mopane African Blackwood $1, 600.00




Cocobolo/Mopane African Blackwood $1, 750.00

All of our wood is air-dried only, kiln-drying can lose a few of the sebum which are essential in musical instrument use.

The wood is chosen by shade and figure and divided in to sets to air-dry. It is rough-turned and pre-bored and allowed to dry more. Although three months or so may pass just before get your pipelines, work ended up being begun regarding the lumber found in them just as much as two years prior!

MacLellan bagpipes was initially organization into the modern age to consider forests apart from African Blackwood, specially Cocobolo and recently Mopane. Ahead of the Great War in 1914, it was not strange discover the best sounding bagpipes made from woods aside from Blackwood or Ebony. Cocus wood from Jamaica & Brazilian kingwood were used on a regular basis. Afterwards war, the woods from German East Africa, today Tanzania, became accessible.

Both Blackwood & Cocobolo originate from the Dalbergia family members ( Leguminosae) of Exotic hardwoods. Both have increased oil content and are usually dimensionally exceptionally steady. Blackwood has a particular gravity of about 1.08, Cocobolo 0.85 to 0.95. Mopane 0.90

The Cocobolo noise is wealthy & mellow. The timber is somewhat less thick that African Blackwood, allowing the drone to absorb some of the higher sound frequencies. This damps or removes some of the harshness & "buzziness" which some synthetic reeds can create. The end result is hot and complete, MacLellan Cocobolo Drones produce that space filling envelope of harmonics that will accept the ball player & their market. The Mopane drones are bright and comparable in personality on Blackwood noise, they have been a light brown shade.

Drone Bores

The MacLellan bore was originally considering some 1880's Henderson bagpipes owned by my Grandfather from North Uist. Some changes have been made towards the tenor tops and bass drone, and now provides the big, rich and complex sound a lot of people attended understand as " the MacLellan Drone Sound."

We not have bagpipes "made up" or in the shelf. Our units tend to be custom-built to your owner's requirements. That is why expect a delivery period of time from three to four months.

We accept plenty of customized metal work and design. If you do not see precisely what you would like, phone and now we'll design and develop the ready you imagine.

A 50percent deposit must verify a purchase. Full refunds get on requests cancelled before tasks are started on a group. Cost of any unique materials or material work, will never be refunded if they have been introduced, or work began. Repayment are made by check, money order, Visa, MasterCard or Pay Pal.


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I recently picked up my brand-new pipes, cocobolo, antique profile, classic bore, moose antler. These are typically gorgeous. The options of timber, the method that you handled complementary bits of moose antler, the excellence in fit and finish are amazing. Additionally the sound, wow. Today I have to improve my playing and never embarrass the mastery of the artistry.

Ron Moutvic

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Gibson Bagpipes compare Blackwood vs Mopani
Gibson Bagpipes compare Blackwood vs Mopani
hakamdin blackwood bagpipe drone test
hakamdin blackwood bagpipe drone test
McCallum Fully Mounted Engraved Alloy Blackwood Bagpipes
McCallum Fully Mounted Engraved Alloy Blackwood Bagpipes
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