Wearing a Kilt rules

June 11, 2017
What you need to know about

Kilt etiquette (type of people using kilts)Scottish or Highland gown is a substitute for formal Uk dress. It can be worn in Scotland or south associated with the edge for many occasions, eg a Scottish bridegroom may use the kilt at their marriage, regardless if not held in Scotland. Highland gown is used during the Royal Caledonian Ball held in London each springtime. It would likely be used whenever ‘national dress’ is stipulated.

Highland dress for males

  • The kilt, fairly lengthy, fastened with a pin, with a gown sporran.
  • An ordinary white shirt, with often a black colored bow wrap or a lace jabot.
  • A Highland coat (also referred to as a doublet) with ornamental silver buttons. There are numerous designs however they are typically made of black colored or dark colored barathea, broadcloth or dark velvet. They may be used with a waistcoat.
  • Knee-length clothes or stockings (‘hose’), patterned, or green or purple (never ever basic lotion), secured with a silk garter (often called a flash). A dagger or sgian dubh (pronounced ‘ski-an doo’) might be added to the right-hand side.
  • Ebony patent leather dancing pumps or buckled brogues are traditional. A black evening footwear is also appropriate.

Highland Dress for females

  • Some males prefer tartan trousers, ‘trews’, that might be worn with a velvet smoking jacket and black-tie in place of supper jacket trousers. Trews are always slashed without a side seam.
  • A lengthy gown, with a skirt full adequate for dancing reels, is used at Highland balls (eg the Skye Balls).
  • White dresses in many cases are used with sashes, specifically at formal balls, however some wear colours or patterns.
  • A tartan sash is worn diagonally. Clanswomen wear it throughout the right neck, over the breast and guaranteed by a pin or little brooch regarding right neck.
  • The partner of a clan chief or the wife of a colonel of a Scottish regiment has on a somewhat wider sash within the remaining shoulder, secured with a brooch in the left neck.
  • Non-clanswomen attending the balls should put on comparable lengthy dresses but without a sash.

It is best to not ever put on a particular tartan unless connected to a particular clan. Numerous Scottish clans get one or more tartans – typically dress tartan and looking tartan – which can be worn by people in that clan and their wives. Daughters may continue to put it on after marriage. For Highland balls men not eligible to use the kilt may use black colored or occasionally white link.

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