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February 16, 2014
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Royal Scottish Country Dance community - Delaware Valley department

Something Scottish country dancing?

Scottish country dance, often called “the ballroom dance of Scotland”, is a strenuous, lively, however elegant type of personal dancing. Sets of 4 couples dance a certain structure 8 times through, each couple taking a turn leading the numbers. The footwork is precise, the movements sharp. The thing that makes the dance form especially Scottish could be the songs along with its fast-moving jigs and reels, and its elegant strathspeys.

The dances are enjoyable to look at whenever performed by agile and experienced performers, yet additionally simple enough is available to a lot of people who wish to find out all of them. All things considered, it's personal dance, with an emphasis on the community dancing together.
For lots more background see: the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society, Scotland.

Just what do I need to use?

Wear flat, flexible-soled footwear — dancing or jazz shoes are best. Typically Scottish dancers put on ghillies, however you will see many types of footwear regarding party flooring. Ladies generally put on dresses or loose fit jeans. Males use kilts if they wish, but jeans will also be proper. Be sure you can move quickly in whatever garments you determine to use.

What are ghillies?

Ghillies tend to be laced dance footwear with flexible soles like an appartment dancing slipper. Ghillies tend to be worn by men and women for a number of dance forms including Scottish. See our associated Info web page for locations buying ghillies.

Do guys have to put on kilts?

It is really not necessary to put on a kilt but you will often see males using kilts and sporrans at our classes, socials and balls. Should you not have a kilt, wear comfortable pants.

Do i would like someone?

No lover is necessary. People informally ask each other to dance, and you may dancing with several lovers through the entire evening.

Do I need to be “in shape” to start out dancing?

If you can walk vigorously but some sense of course, you'll discover this type of dancing! Our youngest dancers are in elementary school, our earliest come in their particular eighties. Find out at your own personal speed and increase your stamina eventually in an enjoyable, relaxed atmosphere.

Would this type of dancing be considered exercise?

Yes, Scottish country dancing is exercise but it’s enjoyable maybe not grueling. During party everybody else takes a turn as lead couple which allows the others to catch their particular breathing. It is good to stay away a-dance, watching is a great way to find out the steps and figures. Reels and jigs are fast-paced but strathspeys are done slowly. The party tips help develop balance, timing and fundamental power.

What type of class is right for me?

The Delaware Valley department is endowed with several energetic classes. We provide several types of dance classes: Basic, Experienced, Advanced, personal, and specialty courses. To see where and when classes are held, head to our Classes web page for more information.

Fundamental Class – Newcomers and the ones with less than a year’s Scottish dancing knowledge tend to be welcomed to participate our standard classes, or “combined” courses including basic instruction. Here, you learn the necessities associated with the ballroom dance of Scotland: the structures, the measures, the giving of hands, as well as the etiquette and sociability of Scottish nation dance. Many people are ready to proceed to a professional course after two semesters of standard class. Individuals with other dance experience is prepared to get in on the skilled and personal classes sooner. Your instructor can help you figure out if you are prepared.

Personal Class – Personal courses are for dancers which know the basic footwork and structures and revel in learning brand-new dances. Social class spends less time on exercising strategy plus time discovering dances.

Experienced course – is it possible to do crossover mirror reels? Think about set-to and turn corners? Tend to be rights and lefts, allemandes, and poussettes old buddies? Welcome to the experienced course (dancing shoes needed). Right here, you learn general repertoire dances and people for the following future ball. Discover more increased exposure of phrasing and polishing understood figures, on controlled utilization of tips, as well as on mastering more advanced figures.

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