Scottish Bands of the 90s

August 28, 2015
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"I may be mostly of the men and women you are going to hear of in a musical organization saying this, but I'll be voting no [on Scottish Independence]." - Manda Rin

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We've an unique theme on beneath the Radar's site recently which we are simply phoning Scotland Week. All throughout the week we will be posting interviews, reviews, lists, and blog posts regarding Scotland plus particular Scottish music. For some of this Scotland Week Q&As we emailed from same set of Scottish connected concerns to various different artists from country.

With this interview we keep in touch with Bis. The Glasgow-based musical organization formed in 1994 when users Amanda MacKinnon (aka Manda Rin) and John Clark (aka John Disco) remained in secondary school (aka high-school) and bandmate Steven Clark (aka Sci-fi Steven) had only graduated. Their songs and video clips made fun of the music business and John Hughes films, among other things. They shot to relative popularity into the U.K. after being one of the few unsigned groups to do in the venerable and long term music TV program the surface of the Pops, doing "Kandy Pop" from their particular Secret Vampire Soundtrack EP. The trio initially introduced music via Glasgow's Chemikal Underground reports. The label cites the band's very early success as helping hook them up to the map and grow (at that time Chemikal Underground were based from a kitchen). Bis then proceeded to release songs via Wiija, K Records, and Beastie Boys' Grand Royal label, amongst others. In addition they did end credits motif on beloved '90s animated program The Powerpuff Girls.

Bis' noise evolved from the charmingly ramshackle and punky D.I.Y. aesthetics of their very early singles on more bold electro-pop of their 2001-released 3rd record, Return to Central (for which these people were interviewed in the past within the Radar's 2nd issue). The band split soon after, in 2003, but recently reformed plus May introduced their particular fourth record album, data Panik etcetera.

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Rhythm of the 90s - fully live 90s dance covers band
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Scottish Band
Scottish Band
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