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June 13, 2016
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Sport Kilt vs. Fake Kilt Costumes

Sport Kilts are made of a special poly-viscose blend product to produce superb move and drape. Our kilts function the look of the ancient and old-fashioned kilts associated with the Scottish Highlands, but they are created using a lighter, more content, no-itch, machine washable, easy-care textile.

The replica (fake) Kilt Costumes marketed online by other individuals are made from inferior materials consequently they are of bad design, which finally causes an inferior item with considerably reduced lifespan. Let us deal with it, all of us wish to save yourself a couple of bucks, but at Sport Kilt, it doesn't come on price of quality or design.

Modify Your Sport Kilt!

Desire Pockets? No Issue. Wish Belt Loops? Sure thing. Desire Fringe? Done. We also offer sewn-down pleats along with other fabulous improvements for only a few bucks. It is your kilt, and we learn how to make it work obtainable! We also do custom purchases, and we provide fastest recovery in the industry to help you get exactly what you would like as it's needed.

Why make use of a fake outfit when you can get the real price from Sport Kilt with the bells & whistles at a lower price?!

Men's Kilt Costume A Few Ideas

Skip the Kilt outfit: become lifetime of the party with an actual recreation Kilt!

Develop your self a Braveheart Kilt outfit by incorporating a Braveheart Kilt with Kilt Hose (socks), a Scottish-Irish Sash within the Braveheart colors, Braveheart Flashes (the ribbons that go on your Kilt Hose) and a Highland Shirt!

Or, select specific outfit elements by selecting from our wide assortment of shirts, kilts and accessories.

Feeling Adventurous? Create Your Very Own Costume

Women's Kilt Costume A Few Ideas

Develop your self a schoolgirl costume by incorporating a Mini Kilt (which comes pleated, with a front panel and stash pocket), with a couple of Knee-Hi Socks, our brand new Girlie Brogues and a Sporran to put up your belongings!

Or, generate a unique model of your own by picking choose specific outfit elements from our wide assortment of kilts, sporrans, footwear and accessories.

Create a mode Uniquely Yours

Kid's Kilt Costume Some Ideas

There is nothing cuter than this - pretty Kilts for sweet toddlers!

Create a stylish and cute outfit for the wee ones by incorporating a youngster's kilt, with Kilt Flashes (socks), a youngster's sporran, and Highland Shirt to perform the ensemble.

Classic Clan Braemar Kilt Outfit
Classic Clan Braemar Kilt Outfit
Luxury Argyll Semi-Formal Kilt Outfit
Luxury Argyll Semi-Formal Kilt Outfit
Classic Argyll Semi-Formal Kilt Outfit
Classic Argyll Semi-Formal Kilt Outfit
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