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March 7, 2017
Rental kilt hose flashes

Tartan FlashesWe spent some time in our In-Store workshop seeing many things becoming developed by our wonderful seamstress Beth. In this variety of articles we are going to just take a closer check some of the Tartan add-ons shes has been crafting!

Exactly what are Tartan Flashes?

Typically, Tartan Flashes (in addition understand as Garter Flashes) had been quick ties used round the upper calf and so they served two purposes. Firstly they aided to hold your Kilt Hose but in addition made folks alert to your marital standing – in case your Flashes were showing then chances are you were single and offered, while hidden Flashes intended you were a taken man!

Marking out and Cutting the cloth for Tartan Flashes become madeModern Tartan Flashes add some flair towards Kilt Socks, and at securing your Kilt Socks in position, making sure they don’t slide down your knee.

Flashes are either an excellent color or a Tartan Matching your Kilt’s design – though may also be built in contrasting tartans, or a tartan of the identical family members (example. Looking Robertson Flashes with a Red Robertson Kilt.)

Flashes ordinarily consist of two coloured items of fabric mounted on an elasticated fabric band, and this can be tightened and loosened as required. Their ends are fringed to incorporate a flash of design towards socks but can also be made with V-cut edges!

Flash Tubes StitchedHow it is Made – Tartan Flashes

To begin creating the Tartan Flashes lengths of Tartan cloth are assessed and cut to go out of 2 pieces. Our seamstress Beth always endeavors to fully capture as much colours from Tartan that you can in product this is certainly cut. Wanting to integrate the Tartan structure in a tiny, slim strip is challenging, but Beth’s experience implies that the outcomes are always great to consider!

These will create the portion of the Flashes which are noticeable while putting on. These strips tend to be after that collapsed in half and stitched closed, generating two tubes. They're after that switched inside-out to hide the stitch work, leaving a clear, clean seam.

From right here the tubes tend to be pressed to generate the flat familiar rectangular shapes associated with Flashes. Generate the fringing the threads are carefully hand pulled out from the open end of the tube. This creates the frayed effect, adding to the general look of the Flashes.

The very last stage will be connect both tartan fabric pieces to your elasticated strap. This can ensure that the flashes stay secured to your leg as well as provides support for your Kilt Hose. These components tend to be machine stitched together generate a solid bond between your Flashes and Strap, making certain they endure you for many years in the future!


Tartan Flashes could be made in any Tartan or in basic colours. They start at £12 for simple Flashes and £30 for customized Tartan Flashes.

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