Girls in Mini Kilts

April 4, 2017
Expat s blog on her tartan

The Hooters-inspired restaurant chain Tilted Kilt will open it’s very first place in Maine this fall.

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In accordance with Eater Maine, there will shortly be girls donning mini-kilts and plaid bras at the beginning Tilted Kilt location in South Portland. Mini-kilts and plaid bras will be the dress code when it comes to machines after all Tilted Kilt restaurants, a chain that is seeking to make its mark within the Northeast. Have a look at Eater Maine’s take right here.

Tilted Kilt may be overtaking the place vacated by Newick’s Lobster home at 200 Gorham Rd. in South Portland. Tilted Kilt offers itself as a premier sports club featuring a pub encouraged selection and possibilities to contend for prizes on in-house tournaments.

But the real feature nationwide for Tilted Kilt has-been their particular “kilt girls”. The franchise has been doing well selling calendars featuring girls and had been even featured on an episode of ABC’s reality show “Undercover employer” detailing life as a “kilt girl”. The South Portland place happens to be using Craigslist shopping for chefs, supervisors and of course, kilt girls.

Japanese girl in mini-skirt Dance Dance Revolution
Japanese girl in mini-skirt Dance Dance Revolution
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