Bagpipes Calgary

January 4, 2017
Located in Calgary, Canada
“Coming to the shoppe feels like you're driving to Brigadoon.” - Jeanie Hawes-Schultz, co-owner

Kilts Are Us

In addition to their particular expertise in bagpipes as well as the needed products for these, the Hawes family focuses primarily on kilts. And every clan is covered right here. Whenever buying a kilt, the employees ensures obtained just the right tartan for an individual's clan or set. Sometimes they’ve been recognized to collaborate using the archives in Scotland assuring its reliability. And whether it's to rent a kilt (they will have a fleet of easily obtainable rentals) or have one tailor made, the might resource the tartan but it made in the united kingdom.

All things are finely handcrafted in the UK while the Hawes travel there on a regular basis to source key regional designers and jewellers assure they’re bringing the greatest designs for their clients in Alberta. About the jewelry in-store, there is sets from gold to platinum and diamonds in addition to Celtic knots, additionally in just about every price to suit all spending plans and requirements.

Location, Area, Area

“Coming into Shoppe is like you’re driving around Brigadoon, ” states Jeanie Hawes-Schultz as she defines the store's place. “It’s like becoming into the highlands of Scotland because we’re into the highlands of Calgary.”
The beautiful shop sits on 10 acres of land within the west end of Calgary near the Olympic web site. Because it's a location store, there is not many walk-in traffic, consequently staff is attentive to clients and will be offering great solution.

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