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August 5, 2013
And Swedish bagpipes were

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Sweden ~ Dalarna
cylindrical bore chanter, single-blade reed; one cylidrical bore drone, single-blade reed;
also, a supplementary chanter in another key (area of the original gear).
General Comments:
It is stated that very few years ago there was clearly only one player of this pipeline left in Sweden. Today there clearly was an extremely vigorous revival of Sackpipa, and it is being heard more. This specific pipe ended up being manufactured in early 1980s by Leif Eriksson, among individuals accountable for taking this tool back to prominence. Luckily, a lot of the songs previously played about this pipeline was maintained by a continuous strong violin custom in your community, therefore now the tool in addition to tunes are rejoined. The Sackpipa is an intermediate pipe regarding amount, and so reaches home both inside and out.

By the way, the name "Sackpipa" is precisely rendered with an umlaut within the very first "a". Diacritical scars have been omitted throughout this web site for technical explanations - there will shortly be a page listing each one of these omissions.

Music Records:
* Note: since the scale is fixed because of the gap opportunities, the chanter can simply play an "ascending" melodic small regardless of ascending or decending contour of the melody.

An appealing feature of the pipeline is the drone, that may seem three records - two of those by since the fingerholes near its outlet. From the CD this can be heard at the end of the track.

The scales and crucial signatures provided are regarded as approximations; bagpipes may deviate from conventional standards in absolute and general pitch.

The Swedish Sackpipa being played by Sean Folsom. Here the drone is being played along with the chanter -at the trouble needless to say of being restricted while doing this into upper-hand chanter records.
Information of drone showng the hand holes. The only other bagpipes inside collection with everything just like a playable drone are the two Uilleann pipes (nos. 11 & 22) with regards to "regulators" - which aren't really drones simply because they lie hushed until keyed.
Information for the chanter & stock. Overall building is basic, disguising what's in fact quite a classy bagpipe. The deep scallops are interesting - there is undoubtedly small risk of missing a gap, even in cold temperatures.
Simple searching single-blade reeds are located in both the chanter and drone. Note the small notch in the knife ideas. These reeds aren't made of Arundo donax cane - that not-being a local material in Scandanavia - but alternatively of another lawn, Arundo fragmites this is certainly harvested in winter because sticks up through ice of frozen lakes.

Photographs & Text Copyright 1999 - 2002, Oliver Seeler,
Source: www.hotpipes.com
Säckpipa (Swedish Bagpipes) - セックピーパ
Säckpipa (Swedish Bagpipes) - セックピーパ
Piping Live! 2012 Tuesday - Swedish Bagpipes
Piping Live! 2012 Tuesday - Swedish Bagpipes
Swedish Bagpipe ~ Synthetic Reed
Swedish Bagpipe ~ Synthetic Reed
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