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April 26, 2014
In 2015 we presented 5 pupil times in different places over the UK. Given that new college 12 months commences in autumn 2016 maintain your eyes on Cass Art social networking for information, times and places.


Our student publication is the best method to stay static in the recognize, and it surely will keep you updated with our latest exclusive student offers and options. We do not want to bombard your inbox with irrelevant information, so we only deliver around one e-mail monthly, full of content specifically made around pupil requires, desires and interests.

  • Our Student Ambassador Programme, including application details and our 2015/16 Ambassadors' blogs and events.
  • Cass Art student competitions and giveaways.
  • Your Cobalt Blue card and unique student provides.
  • Start calls for exhibitions and residencies, courtesy of Cass Art's national partners.
  • Art development, including student-run events and student-focused activities.
  • Beginner Day dates and goodie bag articles.

    • If you want advice on your art products, ask some of the staff within our stores or provide our customer care group a turn to 0207 619 2601. Our staff are musicians and lots of of them have examined at art college on their own, so thereis no need to be shy.
    • We're confident that our consumers wont get a hold of any one of our art products at a lesser cost at any competing professional art store, but should you choose discover something available at a lower life expectancy cost, we promise to refund the difference within 7 days of acquisition, provided that it had been offered beneath the same circumstances. Get more info here, and distribute the phrase - Cass Art is dedicated to providing the highest quality on the cheap.
    • Share work around on Instagram or Twitter and we'll showcase your art on our weblog and social networking, because we believe it deserves to be seen!
FOR SALE - Contemporary Art - jumping with student
FOR SALE - Contemporary Art - jumping with student ...
Colchester Student METAL LATHE FOR SALE on eBay UK - Demo
Colchester Student METAL LATHE FOR SALE on eBay UK - Demo ...
UK student Visas for sale!
UK student Visas for sale!
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