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January 16, 2017
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movie stars tend to be braw text…The new film might be “Stars tend to be Braw – right back From a Wee Snooze” or so thinks Glasgow based English illustrator Jonathan Bishop. Jon works under the moniker “The Grey Earl” in mention of the his upbringing in The united kingdomt, while his works explores his enthusiasm for “Star conflicts” and Scottish idioms, dialects, idyocincracies and a old fun pun.the illustrator in the office! the grey earl Jon came inside week to install his newest works, a series inpired by his favourite star conflicts heros! We'd an excellent time, consequently they are delighted with Jon’s beautifully illustrated window design, and extremely pleased to welcome right back Darf Vador Marrionetteif you're If you are if you should be wanting cards, mugs or prints for Valentine’s day (too soon?) then have a peep at the full collection within our online shop here and listed here are two of your favourites through the new range:

Means “Give us a hug”.Translates as “Would you like a kiss”.
The finished window looks great – play if you are driving us on Victoria Street, Edinburgh.

Whatever you Red Door Regulars will be acquainted with his present print series, if you wish to master a bit more about Jon, have a peep at our blog about him right here.

Jon when you look at the screen Darf within the screen Gies a squeeze Fancy A Winch
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