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June 1, 2017
Slaters Wedding Kilt Hire

conventional Scottish Kilt!The Scottish Kilt is a traditional piece of Scottish clothing usually donned by males at unique Scottish functions such as weddings, graduations, honor ceremonies at the Scottish ceilidh. The real history for the kilt stretches back once again to at the least the termination of the 16th century. Initially, the kilt was a lengthy piece of heavy, tartan draped round the body and across neck, which was called the Great Kilt but these days the reduced walking kilt is more typically worn.

Kilts are available a variety of designs and colours, but usually males choose to use a kilt into the tartan of their ancestral clan. But never worry, if you are perhaps not attached to a Scottish clan, you are able to pick a tartan that you like, or make your own tartan in professional kilt shops.

The kilt is used with formal gown eg ‘The Bonnie Prince Charlie Jacket’ or with a black colored fit coat, white shirt and bow tie. In the last few years the kilt has additionally been making a look as informal use, worn in just a conventional, Ghilllie or Jacobean style top, a wool sweater and on occasion even a tee clothing, that is loads cooler for ceilidh dance!

Bonnie Prince Charlie JacketIf you happen to employ a full Scottish kilt outfit, then you will almost certainly be provided with a sporran and a sgian-dubh.
The sporran hangs below the belt buckle; and much work was created to match their particular style and design. The kilt belt buckle can be quite embellished, and have comparable themes into the sporran cantle and also the Sgian Dubh. Since the conventional kilt won't have pouches, the sporran functions as a wallet and container for any other necessary personal items.

The sgian-dubh (pronounced SKEE-AN-DOO) is a small, single-edged knife used as an element of old-fashioned Scottish Highland gown combined with kilt. The sgian-dubh is normally worn on the correct leg, but could also be used from the remaining, based whether the user is right or left-handed. If you're hiring your outfit from a shop, they might provide a plastic sgian-dubh rather than an actual knife, for protection purposes.


Purchasing a kilt can be extremely expensive, which is much little bit of garments. Often, males will war the kilt if they want to travel abroad aided by the kilt to avoid getting the weight of these kilt in luggage. But the kilt may be the perfect image of Scotland. If you want to purchase a kilt there are a few shops in Glasgow that specialise within:

Casual Dress This store is situated at 67 Union St, in Glasgow City Centre very near Central Station and St Enochs Subway facility. Its among the less expensive shops, with kilts coming in at more or less, £60

The store specialises completely kilt outfits and you can even customise your own outfit to meet your requirements. It is very an expensive shop though, therefore not one for many on a budget! The store is in the city center – 80 St Vincent St, Glasgow, really close to Buchanan Subway Station.

Slaters can vary in price and has now several choices in clothes and kilt styles to suit your needs. Once again, situated in the town centre 165 Howard Street, extremely near the St Enochs Centre.


Typically, countless men decide to employ the kilt for the day. They may be able either hire the full ensemble, or simply just a part of the outfit. Most kilt shops should be able to recommend your best option for you personally! Here are a few stores in Glasgow, where you can hire a kilt:

Slaters supply loads of employing options for kilt wear together with staff are content to discuss your needs. Hiring costs start from £50 but there could be students rebate available on demand. Make every effort to deliver your pupil card and ask the employees if this is applicable.

This store is a little more costly for kilt hire, beginning £69, but have a handy tartan finder on their website! Based at 41 Bath Street, which will be really near to the Buchanan Street Subway facility.

This store is found 179 Dumbarton path and it is about a 10 minute walk from University of Glasgow. They Usually Have an excellent number of kilts for hire and costs begin with £59.

Sgian Dubh The Great Kilt
Karen Dunbar on Kilts for Kids Day
Karen Dunbar on Kilts for Kids Day
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