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August 2, 2016
No less animal for being pink

From Robert Davies photo article of Edinburgh’s seaside communities, Granton, Newhaven and Leith in Volume 2 regarding the Evergreen: A unique Season when you look at the North.This Friday 29 January at Tent Gallery, Robert Davies displays pictures from their photo article on Edinburgh’s seaside communities.

‘we set out to record the switching shoreline of a city, and discovered a landscape in limbo, of stalled developments that had little connection to record and community – a landscape of incomplete visions of the future’.

The picture essay is roofed within the 2nd volume of The Evergreen, amongst fiction, poetry, art and essays, recently relaunched for the first time in 120 years.

The convention is available 5-7pm Friday 29 January 2016, at Tent Gallery, Evolution home.

Photographs from the orifice of the convention ‘STRAVAIG’. From the Scots [to wander, wander, traverse] ‘STRAVAIG’ is an exhibition of product wanderings from all present Art Space and Nature MAFA students.

A selection of pictures and text from the recent convention at Tent Gallery from Art and Biological Architecture collaboration with artist Yulia Koranova and scientist Eric Thorand. The event explored manipulation and evaluations of peoples and microscopic machines.

cells float slower
than people move
in microscopic spheres

cells travel faster
than earth’s orbit
round ball-of-sun

in scale equivalence
products of matter/
matters of scale.

Video projection and image by Yulia Koronova and Eric Thorand, with texts by Alex Hackett.

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MA / MFA Art Space and Nature recently returned from five times spent doing fieldwork at Outlandia in Glen Nevis. Each with specific areas of research, fieldwork took pupils to concealed mystical caverns, out on the shores in nearby Knoydart, and precarious trails to your Steall drops inside Glen.

Outlandia, Alex Hackett

View from Outlandia, Alex Hackett

Flower and plant pressings, Hilary Masin

‘mapstone’, Alex Hackett

‘treelight’, Alex Hackett

an exhibition of works in progress, themed around fieldwork undertaken at Outlandia, will open up on 9 December at Tent Gallery.

Canadian artist Marlene Creates has been an invited academic visitor for the Art area and Nature programme from September – November this present year. In her own convention ‘A Newfoundland Treasury of Terms for Ice and Snow’, at Tent Gallery from 5-13 November, two video clip forecasts catch the assorted ice and snow drenched landscape of unknown Newfoundland.

Art Late @ Edinburgh Art Festival
Art Late @ Edinburgh Art Festival
Edinburgh Fringe
Edinburgh Fringe
"Milestones" Exhibition @ Edinburgh Art Festival 2009
"Milestones" Exhibition @ Edinburgh Art Festival 2009
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