Virginia Reel Call

February 18, 2013
HK041 Virginia Reel)

Marcia McKenzie calls traditional party for wedding(typical Community Dance)

Circles, squares, entire ready and contra dances – some telephone call an evening of the types of dances a “barn dance.” Other people make use of the terms “hoedown, ” “family dancing, ” if not “barnless dance.” We have tended to decide on the phrase “traditional neighborhood party, ” or perhaps “community dance.” What you may call it, it is a terrific way to interact with friends through songs, using dance while the method. Whenever planning your wedding ceremony, reunion, birthday party, chapel social, or company picnic, consider including a community dance as a way to commemorate!

Marcia McKenzie calls The Virginia Reel, AppomattoxBut what when you yourself have no dance knowledge? Not a problem! Marcia will educate you on all you need to know. She'll walk you through each dance, giving you a preview of how it works, showing you the way to accomplish the straightforward figures that will allow you to definitely meet and welcome a number of other people during the course of each party. It’s enjoyable, and it also brings you closer collectively as an organization. Therefore’s right for all centuries and amounts of experience. If you can walk, you could do these dances!

Marcia McKenzie calls children’s circle partySome associated with dances have been in existence for hundreds of years. Other individuals are newer but considering older, conventional dances. Marcia has called conventional community dances for many sorts of events and is specifically good at using the services of novices, exposing all of them to the joyful task with obvious instructions and an inclusive, easy-going mindset.

Since Marcia can play electric guitar or banjo while she calls, with Woody playing fiddle, we are able to provide the entire bundle – training, calling, and live musical accompaniment – in just us. If it's an especially large group, we've sometimes brought along another musician or two to try out with us to ensure Marcia can target phoning. Additionally, we could offer some few dancing (waltzes, polkas, two-steps and move) to intersperse with all the team dances.

Ponca City Lincoln Elementary Students dance the Virginia Reel
Ponca City Lincoln Elementary Students dance the Virginia Reel
Reel Big Fish Call Me Maybe/Beer
Reel Big Fish Call Me Maybe/Beer
Virginia Reel
Virginia Reel
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