Most famous bagpipe songs

July 5, 2016
Along with bagpipes, the

Bagpipe results look easy, but there is plenty of breath control and note bending, since the instrument does not play sharps and flats normally. Harriet Howard Heithaus/Staff

James Freeman of Estero knows all of the standard Scottish and Irish bagpipe songs, but he is able to wail on tunes like Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire, ” also. Harriet Howard Heithaus/Staff

Musician James V. Freeman of Estero paints. He in addition pipes.

Or now, it might be stated, he pipes and paints.

Freeman appears mildly surprised, however the latter has actually overtaken the previous. He's become a something of an anomaly in US culture: a professional bagpiper. It is an art and craft which is why there's perhaps not a classification when you look at the regional phone directories, but he has found himself playing at weddings, funerals, birthday functions, vessel rides, golf course spaces — a hearkening into the online game's Scottish history — and church services.

He understands all the jokes about bagpipe music ("I do not always pay attention to bagpipe music, however when i actually do, everyone does") and has seen a number of those who can not tolerate it dashing from the gatherings where everyone else is becoming amused. Freeman takes it in stride. Provided the need is there, he will play.

Freeman was born to a mama of strong Irish and Scottish history, so it was more likely to come at some time, but Freeman in fact don't begin playing until age 26, as he within their xmas stocking a chanter — the recorder-like part of the bagpipe where the melody is played. There clearly was a promise of lessons also.

"She had heard me listening to broadsides and folk tunes, " he stated. "She accustomed sing Scottish and Irish ballads in my opinion as a toddler, too."

After that, "we went with it, " he recalled with a smile. Actually, he discovered fast enough to play for their mother's marriage two years later on.

Freeman, 46, remains a member associated with Chester County Emerald Society Pipe Band, a band of approximately 20 people, including a drum part, in Coatesville, Pennsylvania, with that he however performs on occasion. The complete group once was flown to Ireland to execute for St. Patrick's Day in town of Killorglin in County Kerry.

His expert piping area actually tied to the sun's rays State, along with his songs aren't limited by the standard. Freeman however recalls the mixed Amish-Mennonite wedding in Pennsylvania for which he had been required to find out Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire." On bagpipes.

"They loved it, " he recalled, delighted. Now that it's in the repertoire he states he gets "more demands for it than you'd think."

Among Freeman's arsenal tend to be more familiar works, such as "Scotland the Brave" and "The Wearin' o' the Green." Still, if you want the theme from "Star Wars, " Freeman can do it, plus tunes like "Ode to Joy" and "Easy Gifts."

He knows tunes for virtually any part of the military, from "When the Caissons get Rolling Along" to your "Marine Corps Hymn." "Amazing Grace"? Needless to say.

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