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December 13, 2016
Bathgate, United Kingdom

standard-kilts-and-prince-char-highland-wear-1592150-4503390_diawe wish to supply the chance to put on traditional Scottish Highland gown when it comes to night associated with 29th October, as soon as the Canmaker magazine Cans of the Year Awards presentation and gala supper happens.

This solution has been supplied through the Gleneagles resort where you could employ the popular Prince Charlie jacket, waistcoat and kilt. They're provided with kilt pin, gown or day sporran and string, white clothing, socks and flashes, sgian dubh and gillie footwear.

The fee for every little thing including valet solution of delivering kilt to space, and assisting with dressing if required, is £75.00. Exact Same day delivery is present for £100.00 .

According to supply we could offer bigger teams complimentary utilization of a personal room and valet solution to help assist friends with dressing.

Take note that for chest/waist sizes of 54” and above there clearly was restricted accessibility to things and so is susceptible to additional costs.

Sash employ Sash only £12.00
Brooch only £4.00
Sash and Brooch £16.00 (support and distribution incl .)

Alternatively, should you wish to source your kilt from another provider, there is a £10.00 cost for delivering the kilt towards space and assisting with dressing if needed. For bigger groups, using a private space can be arranged but may bear extra fees .

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