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March 16, 2015
An original commissioned

Glen LussSo after that, we had been back indeed there yesterday in what had been, because of this last few months, an unusual day of calm and brilliant problems. This time though, we didn’t just go after the stroll while the surroundings; now it had been in my situation, a working walk.

Since doing the big Glen Rosa attracting task at the conclusion of 2014, I’ve been keen to do another huge design task so that as you may possibly understand, I’ve been beginning to work on making use of noise with my paintings and drawings. I was extremely kindly lent an audio recorder by a local theater sound engineer and told going out and simply see just what occurred. For the majority of of a year ago I happened to be using the recorder with me on our walks into the hills and merely witnessing what type of sounds I grabbed. I did son’t genuinely have much idea of what I desired or the thing I had been doing ….just that I wanted to fully capture noises that conveyed something of the spot we were in. I must admit that I made many really bad tracks during just last year but having said that, I've started to have an improved concept of just what I’m after today and also have a few quite interesting tracks.

I made the decision earlier that it was necessary for me to fix some sort of real task to ensure I becamen’t just venturing out making random tracks. I desired to do a bit of work that was considering somewhere We understood very well and therefore we're able to achieve rapidly without too long a drive …. and someplace that we could go throughout the year and in a variety of conditions. Beinn Dubh and Mid Hill appeared to fit the bill so this new large drawing / sound project is to be considering these mountains.

Beinn Dubh summit

Utilizing the Glen Rosa piece i needed it to be one huge drawing and this suggested ‘borrowing’ the neighborhood Harbour Arts Centre gallery wall surface to get it done. That drawing had been carried out in graphite so when it turned out only took 17 days to perform. But obviously, we can’t keep on borrowing the HAC gallery wall everytime I want to do a big drawing therefore I’ve decided that brand new task (to be completed in pastel in place of graphite) are going to be done in parts or panels, every one being centered on view points on Beinn Dubh and every one on the basis of the scene seen under various light and conditions.

Loch LomondI began the first part straight back before Christmas and have always been going to begin the second piece immediately. I do believe that the completed work should be composed of around 7 areas. I am now in procedure for trying to gather sound tracks and work out precisely how I might make use of them once the finished work is eventually exhibited. At present I’m working like having a different sort of recording per element of the drawing and these becoming played as a loop throughout the convention. But, as you know, almost all of could work evolves therefore these very early plans may well alter. I haven’t yet got an approach to share these early recording to you but am likely to seek guidance soon.

Finally, as you know, I’ve been using US landscape professional photographer and film maker, Daniel Thornton throughout the last couple of project he could be making an hour lengthy documentary about could work and this project remains happening. Some time ago he place me in contact with some colleagues of their who work with a really huge pc software company and that are focusing on brand-new technology to help blind and visually reduced folks appreciate two-dimensional photos ….. paintings, drawings, photographs an such like. They truly are keen to work with an artist as soon as Dan told all of them about my very own work these people were thinking about discussing some kind of collaboration. The conversations have reached an earlier stage but i believe all of us believe there is huge potential. It would be great to really have the opportunity to produce another huge sound / attracting work according to a landscape in america and integrates it, not merely with a background noise but in addition with different degrees of audio that would help various other visually reduced folks enjoy the work. Possibly the new Loch Lomond NP / Beinn Dubh work might be displayed alongside an innovative new US work? A long way going much more techniques than one, but it is truly intriguing and it might let me carry on working as a professional singer even when my sight deteriorates more someday. I’ll keep you updated with improvements.

Scottish Landscape Painting Demo: The Sound of Mull
Scottish Landscape Painting Demo: The Sound of Mull
Latest Scottish Landscape Paintings
Latest Scottish Landscape Paintings
Watercolour Painting from Imagination of Scottish Landscape #1
Watercolour Painting from Imagination of Scottish Landscape #1
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