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April 16, 2017
Scotland, kilts

Enjoy a wee little ride around on DuVine’s latest bicycle trip. As you’ve prepared yourself when it comes to whiskey, accents, additionally the periodic kilt sighting, DuVine provides a far deeper Scottish knowledge. We’ll just take you out of the tourist traps and to the real tourist attractions of Scotland because of the most readily useful guides of region. That’s correct, we’re chatting tastings at famous whiskey distilleries, guides with thick Scottish brogues, and all sorts of the haggis and golf you could require. Here’s a snippet of a few of the Scottish customs you’ll experience with DuVine. That knows? You could be next one to spot Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster!


Prepare to see every range of Scottish fare on this tour. Depending exactly how bold you are feeling, our guides may well be more than happy to introduce you to the local delicacy – haggis. If you’re perhaps not experiencing adventurous, you’ll enjoy a Michelin-starred dinner within Peat Inn. Wanting fish and shellfish? St. Monans, situated at eastern of Fife, has many regarding the freshest in the land. Satiate your cravings in this culinary powerhouse.


Cycling maybe you have feeling parched? Where safer to quench your thirst than Scotland! Savor a single malt whisky straight from the cask or drink on a locally-made alcohol on Moulin Brewery. After sampling Scotland’s alcoholic goodies, you’ll never think about “having a glass or two” exactly the same way again. Searching for a tamer choice? Irn Bru, also known as “Scotland’s various other whiskey”, is a locally produced soda that integrates 32 flavors into an original taste that resembles cream soda with a hint of citrus.

Kilt Alteration Guide | Houston Kiltmakers Scotland
Kilt Alteration Guide | Houston Kiltmakers Scotland
Scotland. Not just kilts and Shortbread
Scotland. Not just kilts and Shortbread
Man in Kilt with Bagpipe, Edinburgh, SCOTLAND
Man in Kilt with Bagpipe, Edinburgh, SCOTLAND
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