Bagpipe sheet music the Gael

September 27, 2016
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Joining Dean about this record is world renown/award winning Highland Bagpiper Aaron Shaw, and Irish multi-instrumentalist Brian Baynes, which also produced the album. Baynes attained rave reviews from his production of Nollag Brolly's "Under a Pale Moon", which was noted by Irish musical mag as one of the top three Irish music albums released (in Ireland) in 2004.
This instrumental record album contains the conventional and contemporary folk-music of Ireland, Scotland, and England. The rate for this record album progresses from "breathtakingly stunning" to "foot stomping ballistic". The record includes:

Ready when it comes to Storm, Bonny at Morn, Skyeman's Jig / The Brides Jig / Slieve Russel, Greensleeves, The Foggy Dew, Skye Boat tune, Scarborough Fair, By Yon Bonnie Banks (Loch Lomond), An Drochaid Chluiteach / Swallow's Tail / MacFadden's Reel, home in Derry

"The Gael" is an accumulation Celtic conventional and contemporary songs from Scotland and Ireland performed instrumentally on electric guitar. Some options with this album consist of numerous guitars, percussion, bass and mandolin.

Beyond the River, Inverness Gathering, Inisheer Air, Hardyman the Fiddler, Star of the County Down, Dargai, The Ewie using the Crooked Horn, Ye Banks and Braes O' Bonnie Doon, The Bonnie Earl O' Moray, The Gael

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"Highland Heritage" is a record of simple hearing Scottish and Irish instrumental songs performed on solamente fingerstyle guitar. The songs with this record is carried out with a great deal of emotional sensitiveness, showing Chris' Scottish and Irish origins.

Mist-covered Mountains, Wild Mountain Thyme, Rise The Love, Maggie Cameron, The River Wide (Water is Large), Danny Boy, Carolan's Cottage, Voyage To Ireland, Hills Of Glenorchy, Pretty Dairy Maid, A Fhleasgaich Oig Is Ceanalta



"A unique Day" is a 16 track restricted edition collection record album. Just one, 000 copies had been created, as soon as they are sold, the album should be out-of-print. Many this album presents formerly unreleased product from music artists included.

"The Gael" from The Last of the Mohicans - Bagpipe Master
"The Gael" from The Last of the Mohicans - Bagpipe Master
Bagpipe】 The Gael
Bagpipe】 The Gael
The Gael
The Gael
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